David Yost

David Yost


1/7/1969, Council Bluffs, Iowa (USA)

Birth Name

David Harold Yost


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David spent his childhood traveling around the country with his family. He competed for the State of Montana and the State of Iowa in gymnastics (traveled around the country for that as well) until he was about 19. He was fresh out of college with his Speech/Communications and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • i changed my named to billy because i want to be like him. he was and still is awesome i never missed any of his fights on the show

    i wish they would put him back on the shows i never missed any of his fights on the show not a one i would like to be that smart i mean im smart but ill never be as smart as him

    i would want to meet him in person that would be sweet

    i would love for him to teach me some of his fighting skills.

    i would love to see him back in the shows he deserves it so they need to put him back in the shows he saved everyones butt at one point in time so its only fairmoreless
  • Hate it that he didn't get more roles!

    I thought that Billy was the most smartest and intelligent ranger that stayed throughout the original run of the MMPR and hated it that he got a raw deal in the end for having a limited role and having his pay cut. Really didn't blame him for walking off as I would too. Still a childhood favorite who should had gotten more roles!