Davy Jones

Davy Jones


12/30/1945, Manchester, Lancashire, England



Birth Name

David Thomas Jones



Also Known As

Davey Jones
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David Thomas Jones left his home to be a jockey. When he was an apprentice he decided to go into acting and eventually changed his name to just Davy Jones. He landed bit parts in the productions of "Peter Pan", "Coronation Street", "Pickwick Papers" and "Oliver". Later on…more


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    • Davy Jones: You can put me in the basement or the penthouse; it doesn't matter to me.

    • Davy Jones: When you say comeback, it sounds like you've been somewhere. I've been so active.

    • Davy Jones: We'll get material in there and all of a sudden I'll switch the material around or the order of the show.

    • Davy Jones: We wanted to interview people on the show, do variety, get the artists, the guests involved with us in our group. They wanted to keep the four guys together. We wanted to change the format.

    • Davy Jones: We all knew Mickey Dolenz and myself being the actors, and Peter and Mike being the musicians. We did end up to be 4 musicians and 4 actors.

    • Davy Jones: They want to know I'm doing good, the fans do.

    • Davy Jones: The thing is, the reader doesn't want to hear about bad times.

    • Davy Jones: The Monkees were never cancelled for a start. NBC wanted to do a third year.

    • Davy Jones: The Monkees are like the mafia. You're in for life. Nobody gets out.

    • Davy Jones: People always expect you to be jumping out of a Rolls Royce and being in the papers for drunk and disorderly or sleeping around.

    • Davy Jones: Over the last couple of years I have gotten an average of 2,000 letters a week from fans.

    • Davy Jones: My wife says when I go out to the refrigerator, I do three minutes (entertaining) when the light goes on.

    • Davy Jones: My family is a part of my life and everything is all a mixture of enjoyment.

    • Davy Jones: Mickey Dolenz is in a meeting as we speak, with a major motion picture company who want to know what our recording commitments are regarding the sound track to a new movie.

    • Davy Jones: Jumping races are my focus.

    • Davy Jones: It's a crying shame we don't play more parks and fairs. I would love to go right to the Chamber of Commerce or whoever they are, so that we could get involved in a different way.

    • Davy Jones: It took me most of the early 70s, from 1970 -1975 to pay off the taxes I owed on the money I made from The Monkees.

    • Davy Jones: In the office, the mail that came in was always 10 to 1 for me.

    • Davy Jones: I've got an apartment in Hollywood.

    • Davy Jones: I've got a farm in England where I breed horses.

    • Davy Jones: I'm about to challenge for the Maryland Cup in the next couple of years, as an owner, a trainer, and a rider.

    • Davy Jones: I'm a married man. If I want sex at this particular point in my life, I go home for it.

    • Davy Jones: I'm 42 years old the end of this month (December) and I'm going to try and cram as much in to it as I can.

    • Davy Jones: I would say that fifty percent of my show is killer comedy.

    • Davy Jones: I was underpaid from Screen Jems, but they still paid me a million dollars.

    • Davy Jones: I was standing in the elevator and Ringo Starr got in. He's obviously a nice chap and he's got his qualities, but he was an ugly bugger, you know.

    • Davy Jones: I was mad at Screen Gems, but I'm not mad at them anymore.

    • Davy Jones: I read a whole bunch of bits and pieces over the years, obviously from the fan magazines and the rest of the stuff, and I just wanted to give a little more insight into what's happening in my personal life.

    • Davy Jones: I own property in a quiet little town of Pennsylvania.

    • Davy Jones: I own a place in Australia.

    • Davy Jones: I let other people handle my money.

    • Davy Jones: I got hate letters from girls all over America because I wouldn't go to the prom with them.

    • Davy Jones: I don't think I've got any negative things running through my life at this point and Screen Gems is certainly not going to be upsetting me.

    • Davy Jones: I can honestly tell you that during The Monkees '67-'68 tour, I might've got laid twice, with people that sort of casually came by, and we were on the road for a long time.

    • Davy Jones: Groupies to me, were people who followed you around. Familiar faces who were always there, asking for autographs. We have more of those now, but they're not sexual.

    • Davy Jones: During the summer, Screen Gems launched the New Monkees, which miserably failed I understand. I never saw it.

    • Davy Jones: Before I was an actor I was an apprentice jockey, and now I'm out there racing against boys, sort of the spokesperson for people over 50 that they can do it.

    • Davy Jones: As far as groupies, I never saw any of them.

    • Davy Jones: Around the property I have here, I'm about to put an all weather race track. I'm about to build stables. I'm about to ship over a couple of my thoroughbreds from England.

    • Davy Jones: And it wasn't until 1976, when I went out with Dolenz, Boyce, Jones and Hart that I was free and clear of any financial obligations.

    • Davy Jones: And it really pisses Peter and Micky off when I get onto one of those tangents where I start to do humor.

    • Davy Jones: And actually, about three weeks ago, Micky, Peter and I were in Vegas at the MGM Grand. And we did about 12 shows in seven days. It was quite an experience.

    • Davy Jones: Although The Monkees had 9 albums on the charts last year, re-issues... we made very little money from it.