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  • Not only an amazing actress and comedian,but a testament to the success of marriage in a mixed race relationship.A great spokeswoman for the rubenesque and happy out there (you all gorgeous) who at nearly 50 still looks beautiful and still has her talent.

    Dawn French is beautiful,i spend every day jealous of Lenny Henry.She is sexy,talented and generally an all round star.If only more rubenesque women could stand up and share their talent without fear of the size-ist community.

    i just wait with bated breath for her Playboy appearance!!

    She is my ideal woman and i dont just mean physically,i have always enjoyed her work and would love to spend a day with her and see one of her shows.

    god bless the partnership of french and saunders and may they keep going forever.
    they could certainly teach other so-called comedians a thing or two.

    besides which her hubby is from the same place as me
  • why is it when sum1 mentions dawn french peeps immediate thought is oh yeah the fat 1

    although i'm not overweight myself there was a time i thought a fat person meant leggings and no life but i think that was durin my horrible phase now i'v realised that bigger people are beautiful dawn french-over the years she has endured loadsa slatin from peeps but she never lets it get her down
    she is a talented actress and a really great comedian and who cares if she's overweight she's big,bold,and,beautiful
    plus has ne1 noticed how gorgous she looks when she's takin the p*s* outta cath zeta-jones on french and saunders
    mail-me'an'tell me wot u fink
  • An actress of range that makes me laugh til it hurts, too!

    I'm a relatively recent convert to the worship of Ms. French. I first saw her in The Vicar of Dibley, her comedy set around a small town with a lady vicar. It quickly became must-see in the household.

    Then I saw Murder Most Horrid. It blew my mind, this crazy death-fetish of an anthology! It could be physical comedy one installment and heart-breaking the next. It also made some none too subtle digs at various social subjects, such as ethics, how the elderly are treated,and the environment for example.

    It was amazing to me how dense a half-hour show could be, and still give you a big wallop at the end. I mean dense as in tightly-packed; the character's backgrounds and situations were set-up so swiftly and skillfully that it didn't sink in how much you were trying to absorb until the credits were rolling. It was a gas!

    I know ther are many more roles to see her in- Girls on Top, anything with Ms. Saunders, and the divine sounding Let Them Eat Cake, for example- and I enjoyed her role in the Harry Potter movies, brief though it is.

    I hope that I can see her in more projects in the future too!