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Dawn Jeffory

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Davon Jeffory, Dawn Jeffory-Nelson
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  • Undaunted Dawn

    Dawn Jeffory, also known as Dawn Jeffory-Nelson, is truly a tireless talent in all aspects of entertainment. She's most definitely not a household name, and in recent years her work is mostly behind the cameras, but she still deserves credit for her wide and varied body of work.

    Delightful Dawn graduated from Maryvale High School in Glendale, AZ, in 1970. From there, the diminutive dynamo moved to the bright lights of Hollywood, where she quickly made her film debut in "White Line Fever" (1975) and her tv debut on an episode of "Kate McShane" (1975). More tv roles followed: "The Gemini Man" (1976) and "Eight Is Enough" (1978).

    1979 was a banner year for dynamic Dawn. She appeared as 'Joanie' in the acclaimed movie-of-the-week, "The Survival Of Dana;" she portrayed 'Lola' in The ABC Afterschool Special "The Terrible Secret;" had a recurring role as 'Annie Driscoll' on "Dallas;" guest-starred on "Detective School" and "Eischied;" and co-starred in the cult horror movie "Tourist Trap," with Chuck Connors and Tanya Roberts, as 'Tina.' Somehow, in between all of these jobs, Dawn made it to The Big Apple and played 'Frances' in the stage play "The Utter Glory Of Morrissey Hall."

    Throughout the 1980s, Dawn became a revelation on the small screen, but she is fondly remembered for her small role as 'Vera' in the smash hit "Mommie Dearest" (1981). Any fan of that film will recall her defiant scene, thanks to the memorable dialogue ("I'm gonna tell! Oh, yes! I am going to tell!). That same year Dawn did a movie for Disney entitled "Amy," about a young deaf girl. During this time, Dawn learned sign language and in later projects, was a coach for deaf and hard-of-hearing actors. In the telefilm "Danielle Steel's Once In A Lifetime" (1994), Dawn was a counselor to the deaf behind and in front of the cameras. The 1980s continued to showcase Dawn's elfin-yet-mighty talents - a regular role as Joanne Eden on "General Hospital" (1980), guest spots on "Charlie's Angels" (1980), "Dynasty" (1981), "Trapper John M.D." (1982), "Square Pegs" (1982), "CHiPs" (1982), "The Dukes Of Hazzard" (1983), "Hotel" (1983), "The Rousters" (1984), "Weekend Special:The $1,000 Bill" (1986), "Out Of This World" (1988), and "ABC Afterschool Special:Torn Between Two Lovers" (1989). From 1981-82, Dawn provided the voice of 'Mary Marvel' on the animated series "The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam." It would also be a crime not to mention Dawn's finger-crossing escapades on an episode of "Match Game PM" (1980)!

    In the 1990's, Dawn did have some acting roles - a frantic mother on "Baywatch" (1992) and as 'Debbie' on "7th Heaven" (1997/1998) - but she also started working with babies and child actors behind the scenes of many big motion picture and television projects. Dawn became so successful that she has become known as "The Baby Whisperer," and horror legend Stephen King had nothing but praise for Dawn's work on his mini-series "The Shining." As if wrangling babies and keeping them in check on the set weren't enough, Dawn also taught scene study to hundreds of up-and-coming talent in Los Angeles and New York. Is this woman a whirlwind of talent or what?

    Recently, Dawn is busy as can be, working with child actors on Hollywood hits such as "Meet The Fockers" and "Lemony Snicket." And sharp-eyed viewers of Jenny McCarthy's short-lived comedy series "The Bad Girl's Guide" (2005) may have caught undaunted Dawn on-screen in an episode that dealt with a baby food commercial. All I have to say to Dawn is: YOU BETTER WORK!