Dawn Lyn

Dawn Lyn


1/11/1963, Los Angeles California USA

Birth Name

Dawn Lyn Nervik


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Dawn Lyn is an actress with a long list of childhood credits (see IMDB). Her first role was as an American Indian child when she was four in the low budget western 'Cry Blood Apache,' appearing briefly at the beginning along with her mother; her father had a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Ms. Lyn has been a working actress since age 4. Recently she's done stage, radio, and appearances as herself for biographies and voiceovers. She is represented by Kathy Muller Talent in Honolulu, HI, and lives in Germany with her US Army husband.moreless

    Like many child stars, Ms. Lyn's career started out strong and faded as she grew to adolescence. Around age 16 she was deemed too old to play children and was too diminutive to play adults. At the height of her career she was the main breadwinner for her family. Her biggest movie performance was as Gregory Peck's daughter in the 1971 western Shootout, earning a good review in the New York Times, and she is best remembered for the second longest running comedy of all time (Ozzie and Harriet is first) My Three Sons (1969-1972). Jody Foster and Erin Murphy were some of the guest cast on the series. Fans of the original Walking Tall series know her as Dwana Pusser, daughter of lawman Buford Pusser, and she remains friends with Dwana. Her steady work was later overshadowed by her infamous brother's pop stardom. While living in Avalon, California, she did charity benefits with her TV mom Beverly Garland and other actors from contemporary shows, like the cast of Leave it to Beaver, Lost in Space, Happy Days and the Munsters. She is friends with many well-known actors and keeps up with them from Europe through Facebook. Since 2006 she has been casting for character roles, avoiding the reality shows in favor of traditional acting gigs. She remains a supporting member of SAG/AFTRA, last attending SAG meetings before moving overseas while her friend Melissa Gilbert was Guild president.moreless