Dawn Stern

Dawn Stern


Japan (Raised in Chicago, Illinois)

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    • Dawn Stern: (regarding her LA work) I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to play characters who can exercise an intellect as easily as an emotional life and who are not hemmed in by the stereotypes that so often haunt women of color.

    • Dawn Stern: (on feeling like an outsider growing up) When you're torn between trying to fit in and knowing you don't and never will, but not knowing how to be comfortable on the outside.

    • Dawn Stern: (on being a love child) My story is something that would rival anything you see on daytime dramas.

    • (about her working in Canada, while doing 'Starhunter') Dawn Stern: Toronto is lovely. Even the winter which I'm looking forward to because I haven't seen the change of seasons for six years, as I currently live in Los Angeles.

    • Dawn Stern: I love traveling and exploring new cities and find something to like about anyplace I go – it isn't hard to do here (in Toronto).

    • (on the type female characters she plays in the science fiction shows) Dawn Stern: I was excited to finally be allowed to step outside the pretty girl roles and play a woman who is as much a tomboy as I am.

    • (about her heritage) Dawn Stern: My mother is Scottish Norwegian, my father was most likely Creole - there was a lot of mixing: Native American, French, African.

    • Dawn Stern: Even at the age of three I just knew. Every time I saw children on television I had a weird sense of sickening envy. Somehow I just knew I always wanted to do it.