Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres


10/28/1974, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Birth Name

Dayanara Torres Delgado


Also Known As

Dayanara Torres Muniz, Dayanara Torres Delgado, Dayanara Muniz
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With ex-husband Marc Anthony, has sons Cristian Anthony Muniz (b. 02/05/01) and Ryan Anthony Muniz (b. 08/16/03).


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  • Not only her own show or drama, a movie. She is very talented and profesional. She can play the good or the bad, either way she will be excellent. Body, face and charisma in one person. The way she can connect with the co-stars, superb. Bravo!!moreless

    As her character of Julia, she is given her 100%. She is a star all the way. Hopefully we will see her doing something else soon, (a new show, a drama, a movie) with very important other stars. Why we don't see more of her in magazines. I know with the rating of this drama as Julia, there is a lot to know about her, plans, family, etc. Dayanara is a very strong person and a great actress, not to mention singer. More promotion for the show is what you guys need. Hope to see not only her, but the rest of the cast at the D.E. this year.moreless
  • i love this girl a lot. i think, she is gorgeous, sexy, cute, loyal, pretty, decent, loving, a good role model of women of today, so cute!

    i have followed her career, especially, when she

    was just 18 years when she won the miss universe

    pageant in 1993. i like her attitude of being

    cool, despite, what she had been through before,

    with her then not good-looking husband.

    i think, just given the right projects in

    tv and movies, she'll be one of the most

    beautiful and famous bankable stars for all

    seasons. you name it she has everything,

    i like the way she moves. i think, she'll

    make it big, too in hollywood, she lack

    exposure, but at least, she's a survivor.

    i think, she's cool, she's not hot-tempered

    person, and, that's a good behavior of a star!!moreless