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    I selected "Should Have Been A Bigger Star" only because it wasnt D.B. Woodsides fault that the writing of the entire season didnt pull through like it had done for his brother David Palmer in the previous season. Instead of the writing getting better as the seaosn began to devolop, it stayed pretty bad throughout the entire season and it comes off as D.B. Woodside being the main reason for that. His acting was not the bad part, it was simply the writing.

    Either way - he had a very powerful role and he simply wasnt able to pull together and look like a man that should be leading our country. He came off as weak and pathetic in some episodes, which is not what you want from the man who is representing your country on television. He did a good job, but the president role was a little too much for him. Hes a supporter, not a leader.