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This inter-racial trio have cultivated a large and diverse audience in the USA through their sophisticated and adept blend of pop, soul and hip-hop. Primarily orientated towards the gospel/Christian market, they became one of that genre's most popular acts in the 90s. They originally comprised Michael Tait and…more


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    • DC Talk means Decent Christian talk.

    • They started out as a hip hop group, but in the mid-90s changed their musical style to pop rock.

    • DC Talk formed in the late 1980s in Lynchburg, Virginia.

    • Their song 'My Deliverer' was featured on 'The Prince of Egypt' soundtrack.

    • Album: 'Intermission: The Greatest Hits '

      01. Say the Words 02. Colored People 03. Jesus Is Just Alright 04. Between You and Me 05. Mind's Eye 06. Consume Me 07. My Will 08. In the Light 09. Mr. Morgan (Act I) 10. Socially Acceptable 11. Luv Is a Verb 12. Supernatural 13. Jesus Freak 14. Hardway [remix] 16. I Wish We'd All Been Ready 17. Chance 18. Sugarcoat It 19. Mrs. Morgan (Act II)

    • Album: 'Free At Last'

      01. Luv Is a Verb 02. That Kinda Girl 03. Greer 04. Jesus Is Just Alright 05. Say the Words 06. WDTC 07. Socially Acceptable 08. Free at Last 09. Time Is... 10. The Hardway 11. 2 Honks & a Negro 12. Lean on Me 13. Testimony 14. I Don't Want It 15. Will Power 16. Word 2 the Father 17. Jesus Is Just Alright (Reprise)

    • Album: "Supernatural" 01. Intro 02. It's Killing Me 03. Dive 04. Consume Me 05. My Friend (So Long) 06. Fearless 07. Godsend 08. Wanna Be Loved 09. The Truth 10. Since I Met You 11. Into Jesus 12. Supernatural 13. Red Letters 14. There Is a Treason at Sea

    • Album: "Jesus Freak" 01. So Help Me God 02. Colored People 03. Jesus Freak 04. Day by Day 05. Mrs. Morgan 06. Between You and Me 07. Like It, Love It, Need It 08. Jesus Freak (reprise) 09. In the Light 10. What Have We Become 11. Mind's Eye

    • Awards Received By Group:

      Numerous Dove Awards Three Grammy Awards One multi-platinum album Two platinum albums Two gold albums Two gold-certified

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