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  • There is no comparison

    Dean Cain is one of those rare celebrities that come along one in a million. Not only does he have a natural gift of acting, he is a down to earth, humble, respectful person. Not to mention, he is an upstanding father, and role model citizen. He can do any role put in front of him and that makes him one of the best out there.
  • Dean Cain did a really good job acting as Superman in the Series Lois and Clark.

    I have to say that when it comes to Dean Cain the only thing I saw from his work is the series of Lois and Clark and I saw him in an episode in Smallville.

    Dean is a great actor and we have seen that over and over again in the series of Lois and Clark. It was fantastic that he worked in Smallville cause I have found it very interesting… I haven't seen him work in anything else to say the truth but he worked in one of my favourite shows.

    We can see Dean is very talented when it comes to acting.
  • The fitest person ever! He should be more famous!

    Dean cain is sooooooo fit! He was in the best tv show ever: Lois and clark: the new adventures of superman in the mid 90s, he really should be in big shows now because hes such a great actor! He was soo good in Lois and Clark, he is the best superman ever! and don't say that christopher reeves is better because he aint! If you are a castin guy in Hollywood then you better snatch up dean cain as he is the best actor ever!! He is so talented yet so under rated He is better than people like Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise, he is the best actor ever!!!
  • A Super Man

    He is the best Superman/Clark Kent and shame he hasn't really got the same starring role in any other show since. He deserves all the credit and as well as being really hot, he took a lot of stick from the trials to claim custody (or part) for his son Christopher. He loves his son and that's so obvious. Dean Cain is very talented and is a sincere actor capable of being both a good and bad guy! Although I prefer it when he's a good guy - like Superman. He should be an A-list actor for his contributions to the film industry, and I'm so happy that he has his name on a star in Hollywood. (You know, the ones on the pavement..those ones.)
  • Should have been a bigger star.

    Dean Cain is an Underrated actor. He will always be known and Superman for his TV series: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Dean just seems to get very little opportunities because he was once a TV star. The movies industry needs to give him more chances to star in lead roles, I mean look at him in a supporting role in the movie Out of Time. He was good in that! Even though I want him to be in movies, I still see him doing better in TV movies or guest staring in TV series, which he has done a lot after Lois and Clark was canceled. He has many recurring roles in past and present TV series such as, "The Division", “Hope and Faith” and "Las Vegas"
  • he is so hot! I loved his rol as Clark Kent

    I think he is one of the best Actors!I loved Lois & clark! Teri Hatcher is a wonderful actress and Dean is .. uh,... wow!;) he played with so much passion! wow:D i just adore him..:D He has the cutest eyes and he has a lot of muccles.. wow;);) well he is the best!
  • Dean Cain was such a gorgeous Superman. Unfortunately he never made the jump into the pool of A-movie-actors.

    Dean Cain was far the best Superman ever. Though this role was and is played by many other actors including famous Christopher Reeve Dean Cain was always my favourite one. He was the one who gave Superman the personal touch I was missing in the Superman-movies.
    Unfortunately he never got a role which made him become an A-movie-actor. Instead of that he only made some more or lesser known b(ad)-movies. Inspite of that he was convincing in all of his roles and it was not only his good looks but especially his gorgeous boyish charm which made me stay a fan of his.
  • Dean is a talented actor who is often underrated as an actor and stereotyped for his role as Clark Kent/Superman

    I started watching Dean when I was about 9 or 10 when Lois and Clark first aired to this day it remains my favourite show and his talents have shown over the years. While I think that he has been somewhat type-casted because of his role as the world's original superhero, he has shown that he can play the bad guy like he did in Out of Time.
  • What's that in the sky? It's Dean Cain ofcourse!

    Dean Cain is one of my favorite all-time actors. I remember first watching the Superman show when I was younger. It was one of my favorite action hero shows. My whole family would be excited to watch Dean Cain. We are awed by his wonderful talent. I still watch him in "Ripley's Believe it or not" at times. He is so gorgeous and well presented. I admire his whole image and voice. I would like to see more of him in television. It would be a crime to miss it. Dean Cain will always be one of the best Supermans out there!
  • one of the most talented but underrated actors in Hollywood today. Dean is known to be just about one of the nicest people in the business.

    Although Dean has appeared in many 'B'-rated movies i believe it is just a matter of time before the studio bosses discover what a great talent Dean has. His talent was shown very clearly in the movie 'Out of Time' when he stole the movie with his performance as 'Chris' - the abusive husband of Ann (Played by Saana Lathan) - even Denzel Washington looked second rate.

    I think Dean talents lie in TV more than movies. he is very good at romantic comedy
  • Dean Cain is by far the best superman ever

    Dean Cain is by far the best looking Superman ever. He's got the looks, body and everything. Brandon Routh and Tom Wellings got unique looks, but compared to Dean Cain, well.. Dean's like a quadruple threat!

    Anyway, I am hoping that Dean Cain will come back to make more Superman series and or shows..