Dean Haglund





7/29/1965 , Oak Bank, Manitoba, Canada

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His parents, he jokes, always wondered why he went into acting, "...when I had such a burgeoning animation career." Though he has done cartooning and even played in a rock band ("We were terrible!" he admits), he always returned to his first love – the stage.

His acting career began early, with roles in school plays and community theater at the Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg. When he was old enough to get into bars, he started doing stand-up comedy acts to help pay for acting classes. He eventually moved to Vancouver and began attending Simon Fraser University, getting a Bachelor of Arts in multidisciplinary studies (theatre, dance, and video production). He also joined the Vancouver TheatreSports League; an improv group that was to be his "day job" for many years. While at the Vancouver TheatreSports League, he started scripting some of the group's routines, including several festival and corporate stage shows for them. This eventually led to his cowriting the pilot for a situation comedy called "Channel 92," which aired on UTV. About the same time, he began to get bit parts in television shows such as "Sliders," "Lonesome Dove: The Return," and "Street Justice" and this led to his being hired on for a one-time bit part on a show called "The X-Files."

And the rest, as they say, is history – the history of a hacker-dude named Ringo Langly.

Haglund, who in real life is the most tech savvy of the Lone Gunmen actors, says that while he can't hack his way into top-level security systems, he does have a good basic knowledge of computers and often has friends call him to help fix their systems. The difference between him and Langly, he says, is that Langly, "... has that really cool software where he can just sit around reading books and drinking Tab while it works!" When he has the time (and he hasn't had much time lately), Haglund enjoys working on his computer.

In addition to the credits we've listed, he was a member of several notable comedy troupes, including Acme Players and Acme Unplugged (Los Angeles).

Theatre credits also include "Relationships I Never Had" with Denalda Williams (1999, Los Angeles) and his "Paranoia Will Destroy Ya," a one-man improv show that enjoyed a two-month run in LA at the Zephyr Theatre, Fall 1999 and received excellent reviews in local papers.