Dean Lennox Kelly

Dean Lennox Kelly


11/30/1975, Litham St Annes, England

Birth Name

Dean Kelly



Also Known As

Dean Lennox-Kelly
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Dean was born Dean Kelly in Lytham St Annes, in Lancashire in 1975.
He attended the Old Vic Theatre School, and graduated with Richard Coyle (Coupling), his new best friend. His brother is


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    • describing Lytham St. Annes, the town of his birth).
      Dean: A posh little seaside town near Blackpool, where we get out of the bath to go for a wee.

    • (on his and Richard Coyle's acting careers).
      Dean: Our acting careers have also been quite different' Richard does real acting and I do light entertainment. I can remember Rich coming out of a phone box when we'd just left drama school and he'd just been offered three jobs - I was overjoyed for him, but it helps that we are both doing well now, of course.

    • (on his close friend, Richard Coyle).
      Dean: Rich's worst trait is that he's a worrier. He was getting married in the August and he started worrying in January. It's kind of sweet as well when someone can show vulnerability. Friendship is all about being able to be yourself, to be insecure, and be loved unconditionally. When we hug we hold each other longer than we should - it's man love and we're very open with our love for each other.

    • (on how to play Shakespeare).
      Dean: It was almost scary for a while. Especially with David Tennant's energy as the Doctor. One thing I thought was: 'What do I do with my body?' I'm a modern person!" So what did he do? "I just went slightly camp, slightly Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, a bit of Liam Gallagher, a bit of Kev from Shameless, a bit of me, a bit of eyeliner - there you go!

    • (on Kev from "Shameless").
      Dean Lennox Kelly: With Kev, what you see is what you get. He's very honest and lovable, although he's not the brightest button.

    • (Dean on what he thinks of playing Kev in "Shameless").
      Dean Lennox Kelly: It's a joy. I waited a long time for a character like this to come along. Always wanted to wear cheap gold, a 70s wig and a 70s chest piece and get paid for it.

    • (on playing Shakespeare in "Doctor Who").
      Dean Lennox Kelly: I'm not the obvious choice to play Shakespeare. But they didn't want your archetypal Shakespeare. They wanted him to be more like a 15th century rock star. The director kept saying to me, 'Think Liam Gallagher with lyrical genius.'