Dean McDermott

Dean McDermott


11/16/1966, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Dean was married to Mary Jo Eustace from July 1993 until February 2006, and they share a son Jack (born October 1998) and an adopted daughter Lola (born July 2005). He met and fell in love with Tori Spelling while filming Mind Over Murder in 2005, and the…more


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  • He was born on November 16, 1966 in Toronto, Ontario and as a teenager did a psa program for Canadian National Parks. He keeps his fine physique by playing hocky several times a week and playing with his two Golden Retrievers. This 6'3" guy is quite a knomoreless

    He was born on November 16, 1966 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As a teenager, he did a very impressive job on a PSA program for the Canadian National Parks. At 6'3", he is a bit taller than many Hollywood actors. His height, combined with his sandy brown hair and light blue eyes, makes him quite visually stunning. He is a very charming man, who is always very respectful of and kind to his fans whenever he has personal encounters with them. He is extremely down to earth. He has one human son, but he is also "daddy" to two Golden Retrievers. He maintains his hot physique by playing hockey three or four times a week.moreless
  • I'd rate him both hansome and charming! If you ever have the chance to meet him he's a genuine human being!

    Handsome is putting it mildly! If you ever get the chance to meet Dean he's just awesome. Not only is he good looking but he towers in height! And his personality is a perfect match. He's not stuck on himself and dedicates alot of his off-time to great things! He's also very dedicated to his work!