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    • In 2011, Dean was nominated for "Best Performance by a Supporting Actor" at the Aotearoa Film & Television Awards for his role on Nights in the Gardens of Spain.

    • Dean enjoys snow boarding, horseback riding, and mountain biking, as well as martial arts.

    • Dean has appeared in several short films, including Little Samurai (1999), Siren (1996).

    • When Hercules producers asked Michael Hurst [Iolaus] who he thought should play the part of Young Iolaus on the series, he says he suggested Dean right away. Michael said that Dean was the "obvious candidate who needed no coaching."

    • Dean's theatre credits include:
      (2011) Did I Believe It? "Chad Le Window", Silo Theatre, dir. Oliver Driver
      (2009) Blood Wedding "Leonardo", Circa Theatre, Dir Willem Wassennar
      (2009) Ruben Guthrie "Damien", Silo Theatre, Dir Shane Bosher
      (2008) Rabbit, "Tom", Silo Theatre, Dir Oliver Driver
      (2006) The Ocean Star, "Ted", Auckland Theatre Company, Dir Roy Ward
      (2003) Tape, "John", Eleventh Hour Productions

    • Dean lived with fellow Kiwi actor Joel Tobeck while they were both acting in Australia.

    • Dean has said that if his show Young Hercules had gone on for a second season he was looking forward to playing a younger version of the "Widow Twanky", the cross-dressing role created by Michael Hurst for Hercules the Legendary Journeys.

    • Dean OGorman went to LA to voice several characters in Burberry Productions and Porchlight Entertainments animation series Animalia. Based in the hugely successful picture book by Graeme Base, Animalia is compromised of 26, 30 minute episodes.

    • In 2005 Dean was nominated for two acting awards, the New Zealand Screen Award for "Best Supporting Actor" for his performance as Andrew in the hit comedy Serial Killers and the Logie Award "Favorite New Male Talent on Australian TV" for his performance as Luke Morgan in McLeod's Daughters.

    • One of Dean's hobbies is gardening. Once he was so into creating an Oriental "Fung Shui" type garden that he turned down invitations to go out with his friends.

    • Dean wasn't allowed to do most of his own stunts for his role as Iolaus on the show Young Hercules, in spite of having a black belt in karate. But he did have to take part in a sword-fighting workshop.

    • When Dean got the role of Iolaus for the spin-off show Young Hercules, he thought he'd better hit the gym. He did so, but he was burning the candle at both ends and ended up quite sick about a month before the shooting was to begin. Dean was well in time for it, and he says being sick made him lose weight, so he got his buff look without having to work out!

    • When asked which Xenaverse character he would have liked to play, Dean said that of Julius Caesar. Unfortunately for him, the role went to fellow Kiwi actor Karl Urban instead.

    • Dean would like to direct one day, so one of his favorite things about his time on the show Young Hercules was that near the end of it's run he was allowed to direct a scene for an episode. Having that experience has made the thought of directing an entire work less daunting for him.

    • Painting is one of his greatest passions. He uses painting as a way of shutting out the world when life gets too hectic.

    • When Kate Elliott and Dean O'Gorman were signed up for the lead roles in a comic film about infidelity called Toy Love, it cost both of them their real-life romances, because they were a little too convincing as being lovers.

    • Dean can walk on his hands.

    • Dean and his brother Brett loved to torment each other growing up. Dean once threw a dart into Brett's shin, and Brett shot Dean with a BB gun in the ear. Dean blamed Brett for calling an 0900 phone sex number which he himself had called, and Brett once hid under Dean's bed at night and made scratching sounds on the bed post to frighten him. Dean also hid in his house's walk-in pantry and waited for Brett to come home from hockey practice, then jumped out and scared his little brother so badly he fainted.

    • Dean is 5'9" tall (176cm), has light brown hair and blue eyes.

    • In 1995, Dean was nominated for "Best Actor" for his role in the movie Bonjour Timothy at the Giffoni Italian Film Festival Awards and New Zealand Film & Television Awards.

    • Dean is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

    • Dean was a black belt in karate by the age of 10.

  • Quotes

    • Dean: (when asked if he thinks they should abolish the royal family) Victoria and David Beckham have their place in the world.

    • Dean: I once felt I had to see my face on TV to justify calling myself an actor, but now that's not so important. My ideal career path would be to get a wealth of experience ... then star in a blockbuster.

    • Dean: (on attending Young Hercules conventions) The place was huge and was full of kids all wanting to meet us. It's the closest I'll ever get to being a rock star. You can't take it seriously, though, because it's so unreal. The kids who want to meet you only want to do so because they really think you are the character you play. It's really kind of cool that they all speak to me as if I'm Iolaus, but the moment you walk out the doors, life goes back to normal.

    • Dean: (on stunt fighting for Young Hercules) I got my nose broken on one occasion. I didn't realize it at the time, so I kept on going. When I sat down I felt fine, but my body suddenly decided to go into shock and everybody was really worried. I thought they were worrying about me, but it was just that they needed to get through the shooting schedule!

    • Dean: (on being a child actor) I was into plays and drama at school, and probably without realizing it, that was the way I was headed. Then I got my first part in a television show, and I thought, 'I quite like this,' because I got time off school to play around!

    • Dean: (on fan websites) I tend not to look at the websites because I'm scared if I see something bad about me it'll upset me. I have looked up a few a couple of times, and not that I'm a self-obsessed narcissist or anything, but I'm pretty sure every actor has searched for their own websites.