Dean Stockwell

Dean Stockwell


3/5/1936, Hollywood, California, USA

Birth Name

Robert Dean Stockwell



Also Known As

Robert Dean Stockwell
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Dean Stockwell was born on March 5, 1936 in Hollywood, California, USA. He started acting as a child in 1945, specializing in the "sensitive child" roles. He then dropped out for a five year trip around the country, but returned. During the early 1960's, Stockwell dropped acting for…more


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    • Dean: (on a Quantum Leap Movie) There's been a rumor about that for years and years and years, I haven't heard anything from anybody that would be direclty involved in it, so it seems to be nothing more than a rumor. We'll see. I would do a movie of Quantum Leap, sure. Everybody would have liked to have Sam relocated to get back safely, but that wasn't Bellisario's idea. I think it would be fun.

    • Dean: (about doing a role) Well, I approach every acting job in the same way, and that's strictly through intuition and instinct. I don't research stuff, I don't go into depth of character or anything like that, I just get ideas, and I execute them.

    • Dean: (on which was better, the play or film version of Compulsion) The picture was watered-down, in effect, for the film-going public. The play was stronger. It got into the psychology of the two guys, in more detail and more depth. It had more guts to it.

    • Dean: (When asked if he had any children) None that I can trace.

    • Dean: (When asked if there was any information he would like to include to his fans?) I have never been arrested. I am not a dope fiend. I am an artist. I love life, beautiful women, any color of wine, and songs with a backbeat. My close friends are almost without exception artists. This does not necessarily mean entertainers. They are painters, poets, sculptors, musicians--and I value nothing higher than friendship, unless it be humanities' greatest virtue, which is love.

    • Dean: I guess people say that actors take a little bit of the part away with them, but if I really was as streetwise and cocky as Al, I'd probably have been a bigger star.

    • Dean: I have it all figured out: Dying is just breathing in, and breathing out.

    • Dean: We tend to identify with people who represent our aspirations. And it gives us reassurance in a sense. It gives us, maybe gives us, strength to face our own aloneness.

    • Dean: Evolution is something nature is in control of. The rape of a planet is something that the egocentric, egotistical one race, the human race, is doing.

    • Dean: Hollywood is the damnedest business!

  • Who da man? He da MAN!

    Outside of QL and BSG I know of only a few other roles, a henchman cum fall-guy in Beverley Hills Cop II, a very brief bit in the The Player, a supporting role in '84 Dune and a handful of guest appearances in the odd show here and there (SG1, Enterprise, etc).

    To sum-up the man's body of work in 52 words is an insult to the wealth of entertainment he has given us, the viewing public, these last 65 years (started when he was 9yo).

    While the earlier works, pre-1980's, are what clearly made him a viable property, it wasn't till the mid 80's onwards that I first found out just how great Dean Stockwell really was.

    First you've got Dune, as the tormented Dr Yueh.

    Next, Married To The Mob, as mob boss Tony 'Tiger' Russo. Two very different roles, worlds apart but equally enjoyable.

    After that, Quantum Leap. A genuinely brilliant piece with touching moments of friendship, rye comedy, pitch-perfect drama, and a dash or two of tragedy. Albert 'Al' Calavicci, a role few actors could bring to life so well, and so believably.

    Finally, BSG. A great TV Series thru and thru. Then came the end of season 2 and DEAN STOCKWELL turns up (two of him infact). Brother Cavil (John) is awe-inspiringly good (or bad depending), a twisted hate-filled monster and resentful elder-child of Ellen and Saul Tigh. Dean's portrayal of Brother Cavil is masterful. He's complex, hates his creator(s) but wants them to love him like they used to, The Lucifier Complex. He's manipulative, confident, controlled, focused but vulnerable and needy like a child.

    And all without so much as a hint of QL's AL. Here's hoping there's more to come, bring on the STOCKWELL.moreless
  • Love "the Stockwell"

    Ever since quantum leap i have been a huge fan of Dean, and i may be a bit behind but have just started to watch Battlestar Galactica and he's in it and is guaranteed a reoccuring role. this is like music to my ears. now all i need is a handheld control and ziggy and i'm in heaven. In quantum leap he plays co-star to Sam Beckett a time traveling scientist, his character Al loves the ladies and has been married multiple times. In battlestar he has a different role but is still quick with the jokes and excellent with the delivery of them. If you're a fan of him then check out battlestar (especially from season 2-because thats when he appears)moreless