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    • Dean: (on a Quantum Leap Movie) There's been a rumor about that for years and years and years, I haven't heard anything from anybody that would be direclty involved in it, so it seems to be nothing more than a rumor. We'll see. I would do a movie of Quantum Leap, sure. Everybody would have liked to have Sam relocated to get back safely, but that wasn't Bellisario's idea. I think it would be fun.

    • Dean: (about doing a role) Well, I approach every acting job in the same way, and that's strictly through intuition and instinct. I don't research stuff, I don't go into depth of character or anything like that, I just get ideas, and I execute them.

    • Dean: (on which was better, the play or film version of Compulsion) The picture was watered-down, in effect, for the film-going public. The play was stronger. It got into the psychology of the two guys, in more detail and more depth. It had more guts to it.

    • Dean: (When asked if he had any children) None that I can trace.

    • Dean: (When asked if there was any information he would like to include to his fans?) I have never been arrested. I am not a dope fiend. I am an artist. I love life, beautiful women, any color of wine, and songs with a backbeat. My close friends are almost without exception artists. This does not necessarily mean entertainers. They are painters, poets, sculptors, musicians--and I value nothing higher than friendship, unless it be humanities' greatest virtue, which is love.

    • Dean: I guess people say that actors take a little bit of the part away with them, but if I really was as streetwise and cocky as Al, I'd probably have been a bigger star.

    • Dean: I have it all figured out: Dying is just breathing in, and breathing out.

    • Dean: We tend to identify with people who represent our aspirations. And it gives us reassurance in a sense. It gives us, maybe gives us, strength to face our own aloneness.

    • Dean: Evolution is something nature is in control of. The rape of a planet is something that the egocentric, egotistical one race, the human race, is doing.

    • Dean: Hollywood is the damnedest business!