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Dean Wendt, born February 18, 1968, is an American born voice actor best known for his recurring role as the voice of America's favorite purple dinosaur, Barney. Along with being an accomplished voice actor, he is also is the co creator of Radio Disney. He left the position as a disk jockey for Radio Disney in 2001 to dedicate his time to his role as Barney. To date he has voiced over 100 shows and 25 video for the Barney dynasty. Along with the children's show, he has been a regular voice for AT&T Mobile as well as ABC Television. He has honed his voice talent over 20 years and has been features on several radio stations in Orlando, Chicago, and Dallas. The key to his voice acting success can be attributed to his warm sounding voice, charisma, and reliability. The smooth timber and gentle tones of his voice spur many companies to seek his services.