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  • Underated.

    Great actor. Love him on the "All State" commercials.
  • I have missed Dean! I have tried to find movies and shows that he has starred in however, I am not having much luck.

    I have only seen Dean in one show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and one movie, Undercover Angel. I tried watching Oz, but after the first couple episodes it was something I could definately live without.

    I have was just scrolling down his page when I saw that Dean will be playing in the new television show, Terminator.

    I am so excited! I have seen several commercials advertising the new show, Terminator, and I have said that I like to see that. I really enjoyed the movies, I, II, and III. Hopefully, the show can measure up. However, Dean starring in the show is just an additional perk. I can not wait to see him in action again!
  • Dean is FINE

    Dean is the most incredibly hottest actor. He is a completely underrated star and used to be in one of the greatest television series "OZ" . He has been in some pretty random movies but only small parts, apart from "Undercover Angel". Hmm what else can I say about him? Oh yeah his other brothers are quite famous too. Scott used to play "Cyril" on Oz and Bradford wrote many episodes on Oz. Blair , is Deans' sister but she isn't an actress, she works with AIDS pateints which is outstanding.

    They are ALL talented and should be credited MUCH more than they are.

    I am literally Deans' NO.1 physcotic obsessed fan.