Deanna Casaluce

Deanna Casaluce


2/7/1986, Mississauga, Canada

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Deanna Casaluce



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Deanna Casaluce was born in February 7, 1986 in Mississauga, Canada. She is most recognized from her role as Alex on Degrassi: The Next Generation.


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  • A summary from Degrassi? Well, she's underrated and doesn't get enough airtime except in season 6 and the only time she gets enough airtime is when the episodes have problems between Alex and Paige. Seems like season 7 won't have her character alot.moreless

    Her character doesn't really show till season 5 in the Lexicon of love parts 1 and 2. The relationship shows the reality. You wouldn't expect someone all tough with a character like that to talk to her mom so much about Paige, but in all reality that's what would happen. She didn't choose who she fell for, but she sure acted upon it and for a while totally gets rewarded till they break up. Then the drama in the 6th season! I couldn't believe the 2nd episode of the season finale. I had to watch it on since CTV stopped playing season 6 on sundays after I saw the episode Love my way. Not the greatest picture, but shocking none-the-less. Finally Paige asks her out! The 2 parts of the season finale show just how selfless the character Alex really is AND how much she cares about Paige. The storyline: that couldn'ta been easy to play that roll. I know professional actors and actresses will do what it takes to fill the character roll accordingly, but will they do it accurately? She does and it's amazing! So everyone knows Alex is NOT just a tough chick from the wrong side of the tracks with an attitude. There's more to her, ALOT more... Good job Deanna!moreless
  • Deanna is a rising star waiting to shine!

    Deanna Casaluce has so much promise as an actress! Seeing her play rebel, tough girl Alex for three seasons on Degrassi and seeing her development really had me thinking about how great she can be in this profession. I surely loved watching her in season 5 of Degrassi next to Lauren Collins and Mike Lobel. I felt the writers and producers of the show really didn't know what to do with her character a lot, but hopefully she can move on to bigger and better things in the future with tv/movies. This isn't the last you have heard from, Miss Casaluce!moreless