Deanna Russo

Deanna Russo


10/17/1979, Northern New Jersey, USA

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Deanna Russo


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Deanna ranked No.100 in Maxim magazine's Hot 100 List of 2009.

    • Deanna was part of the acting troop in high school which was an audition only group that was run by an amazing director.

    • In 2002, Deanna graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

    • Deanna's theater credits include:
      - Closer
      - MacBeth
      - Chamber Music

    • Deanna enjoys horseback riding, sports, dance and singing.

    • Deanna has dark hair and blue eyes.

    • Some of her previous jobs include: car wash dryer, summer camp drama teacher, movie theater popcorn popper, golf course beverage cart girl, life insurance company receptionist, psychology lab assistent, mental hospital recreation coordinator, free sample giver and hollywood bowl ticket ripper.

    • Deanna would love to meet Val Kilmer.

    • Deanna loves making camping trips.

    • Deanna has made it one of her life goals to see the world. Another life goal of Deanna is to meet Meryl Streep so she can tell her that they went to the same High School.

    • Deanna attended Bernards High school in Bernardsville NJ. Pete Wolf (J. Geils Band) and Meryl Streep also attended this school once.

    • Her career goal is working with director Christopher Guest, because he's good at dark comedy. And Deanna's favorite genre to work in is dark comedy.

    • Lost, The Office, 30 Rock, The Daily Show, Battlestar Galactica, The Real Housewives of NJ, Reno 911 and South Park are some of her favorite televisions shows.

    • Hiking the hills, catching live music, biking the beach and taking drunk photo booth pictures are some of her favorite things to do in LA.

    • Deanna loves dark chocolate.

    • New Orleans is her favorite city to travel to in the US and Belize is her favorite country to travel to.

    • Deanna has appeared in commercials for: Axe Body Spray, Ford and Disney. One of her Axe commercials was selected for "Funniest commercials of 2007".

    • Deanna was featured in the Playboy magazine dated December 2007 as the "Babe of the Month".

    • Deanna is right-handed.

    • Deanna directed a stage play named Hidden Mandala which was showcased at the Orlando International Fringe Festival.
      She co-produced the program Underground; that promotes alternative television.
      She also directed a prizewinning comedic short film: A Taste of Kream, which has been shown at both the New Orleans Film Festival and the London Film Festival.

    • Deanna learned acting from Sanford Meisner, Jack Hannibal and Marketa Kimbrell.

    • Deanna's father, Ed Russo, is an Environmental Consultant for Donald Trump.

    • Awards & Nominations:
      - In 2003, Deanna was awarded the Best Actress Award at the Berkeley Film Festival for her performance in the movie Dirt on Leaves.

    • As of 2008, Deanna resides in Los Angeles.

    • In 2001, Deanna played the role of Whitney's Friend in the movie Virgins.

    • Deanna has appeared on the cover pages of the following magazines:
      Health (USA)
      Elegant Bride (USA)
      Millionaire (USA)

  • Quotes

    • Deanna: [February 2009] I going to do a USO tour. My publicist presented me with this opportunity, it's my goal to see as much of the world as I can, and this was such an amazing opportunity to go to Afghanistan with the military. It will be completely safe and we get to meet some of the troops and say thank you. I just talked to a girl who went to Iraq last year and she had an amazing time. They visited twelve bases in five days. We will be gone for nine days and will travel all over the country.

    • Deanna: (about how she got into acting) I've been doing plays since I was a kid. I started out just with school projects back in the 2nd grade. I guess I caught the bug at an early age.

    • Deanna: (about if she has any favorite memories about appearing in Rest Stop) The best part, hands down, was throwing up all that blood. The entire camera crew was draped in plastic. I felt like Gallagher.

    • Deanna: (about if there were any tense moments on the set of Rest Stop for her) The torture sequence was a pretty organic experience because I was physically restrained to the table. They wrapped these shackles around my neck, ankles, and wrists, and used a drill to secure them. And then I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I just kept my mouth shut, and the pained expressions came naturally.

    • Deanna: (about her Charmed experience) Rose McGowan touched my butt. It's a fact. I was having a hard time getting off this large couch, and she offered a helping hand. - On my butt. True story.

    • Deanna: (about how she got into writing) It was the onset of email that helped me to discover my literary voice. You can tell a lot from a person by their email. I've never had much luck in writing screenplays. That task is far too daunting for my brain at this point in my life, so in the mean time, I'm crafting a bit of online sketch comedy. I'm surprising a lot of folks with my foul sense of humor I guess because people assume good cheekbones equal vapid puppet. My friends aren't surprised, though. They all tell me it's about time I got into this. You can check out some of my videos on I've also always loved writing short stories about my crazy adventures around the world. I'm so tempted to compile them all for a publisher. One day, perhaps.

    • Deanna: (about where she sees herself in 5 years) Scooping out presents my cats left me in the litter box.

    • Deanna: (about knowing that sex sells and how far is too far when it comes to the roles that she chooses to play) Wow. Good question. Everyone differs in their tolerance for discomfort. I think the best way to decide what's right is to take a time machine into the future and look back at a questionable experience. If you think the memory of it will make you or people you care about cringe, then don't do it. That being said, you can never really predict anything. You can sign up for one thing and then have an asshole director completely betray you. That's always fun.
      On the other hand, if you're blessed with a great figure, celebrate it while you still have it. Sure, I used my figure to get my foot in the door. I didn't exactly have a choice about that. It's everyone's first impression of me, anyway. People think I'm hot, so let them see me as hot. I ain't skeerd. I've got an arsenal of secret weapons ready and waiting. It's like that old Simpsons episode when Bart runs for class president. He had a poster that said, "SEX ... Now that I have your attention, vote for Bart Simpson." Makes sense to me.

    • Deanna: (about if she finds herself talking to her own car when she gets off set of Knight Rider) do. There are a lot of near-misses driving around the freeways of Los Angeles! When I get to my destination, I touch my dashboard and say, 'Thank you, your brakes are working...!' (laughs)

    • Deanna: (about if she was into Knight Rider growing up) Yeah, as much as a little girl can be. It was more hanging with my older brother who was a huge fan. I didn't really understand the concept of the show at the time except that there was a talking car and a man in a leather jacket. Actually all of the female roles from the original were kind of forgettable... In fact it wasn't until I looked back to see if they were series regulars. I was shocked to see there were such prominent female characters and I never knew.. I always thought that there was the flavor of the week and that was it. I hope that my role is going to be more integral than that and less forgettable (laughs).

    • Deanna: (about why she wanted to go into the show business) That would be Miss Piggy. I wanted to be her when I grew up.

    • Deanna: (about if she's a a rock-n-roll woman) Are you kidding? At 14, I was thrown out of the Roseland Ballroom in NY for crowd surfing at a Juliana Hatfield show. Nowadays, I listen to Lake Trout, Low vs. Diamond, Spoon, etc. And I leave the crowd surfing to the whippersnappers.

    • Deanna: (about where she grew up and what her most unusual childhood memory is) I was born and raised in the 908 area of New Jersey, and I still haven't forgiven my parents for duping me into going on Space Mountain when I was 5. I thought I was waiting in line for the magic tea cup ride. They still think this is funny.

    • Deanna: (about how she found out that she made Maxim's Hot 100 List) I heard I was going to be on the list several months ago by my publicist. At the time they didn't know what number I'd get, but that I was definitely on the list. It wasn't until a day or two before the big Maxim Hot 100 Party that I found out that I just barely made the cut! I had so much fun on that red carpet eating up the attention. I kept telling everyone, "I'm Number 100, and this is the Maxim Hot 100 Party. So, really, this is my party. I've got an open bar and DJ AM spinning all night. Thanks for coming."

    • Deanna: (about what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in LA vs. living in NJ) The best part of living in LA is skipping town because no matter how frustrated you were before you left, it always feels so damn good coming home. Some LA disadvantages include: the stagnant parade of break lights, the boring weather, and everyone's theory on how to "make it." The best part of living in NJ is moving across the country to learn that the coolest people come from Jersey.
      FACT: all my best friends I met out here are either from Jersey or were referred by someone from Jersey.
      Some NJ disadvantages include: ill deserved rep, the legal driving age is higher than every other state's, and the last train back home is 1am.

    • Deanna: (about what her favorite part about growing up in NJ is) Taking the train into Manhattan to catch jazz shows on a school night. That and counting down the days for summer to arrive so that I could go to the shore.

    • Deanna: (about what she would say is a big misconception about Jersey and/or Jersey Girls) There are no misconceptions about Jersey Girls. Some stereotypes are true. The Garden State, on the other hand, is commonly misjudged. The most beautiful countryside is in north Jersey. I grew up on a horse farm in a little town founded during the American Revolution. Between the colonial architecture and the lush landscapes, haters need to simmer down for they know not of what they speak.

    • Deanna: (about what she has to say to the girls who try to look like models/Hollywood actors) I am so sorry. I resisted being a model for so long because I despised the industry. Chick magazines are designed to make you feel bad about yourself so they can sell you the products that will make it all better. Then I thought it'd be a great way to not wait tables any more so I caved.
      What every girl needs to know is that what they see on TV or in magazines is all smoke and mirrors. Even reality TV is doctored. We all look the way we do because we have a dozen people hired to follow us around and pick food out of our teeth, etc.
      I don't understand the weight obsession we all have with celebrities. I just think people like something to gossip about. If you're healthy, then your dress size shouldn't matter. But that doesn't sell tabloids.

    • Deanna: (about when she fell in love with traveling) My mom's been a flight-attendant her whole life. I guess it's just how I was raised.

    • Deanna: (about what her dream car is) When I was a toddler, my dad fixed up a 1960 Austin-Healey. It was a white convertible with red interior, and I'd give anything to own it. I can't believe he ever sold it.

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