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  • I think she is a GREAT actress, she knows how to draw a crowd in. Once you watch her, you fall in love with her character on STFBE. She strives for the best. She has a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, and a wonderful husband, who is also deaf.

    She's one of my role models. I mean, she worked very hard to get where she is today, she NEVER gave up. I LOVE her. She is my VERY favorite, and is on the top of "who i would like to meet" list. She's heartwarming and gorgeous. She's not like actresses in hollywood today. She's not OUT there, but i mean, she should be, she DESERVES to be, but even if she was a big shot hollywood star, im pretty sure she wouldn't flaunt it. she is my personal favorite, and i hope to see her in the near future!
  • Great actress

    I think she is a great actress. She does such a fabulous job on her show Sue Thomas F.B.Eye. Sheh has accomplished so much. I am going to miss seeing her on Sue Thomas F.B.Eye. I wish the show had run longer. She isn't given enough credit as an actress and in general. I think more people need to realize what a great person and how good an actress she really is.
  • very good actress on sue thomas f.b.eye. really enjoyed the show. sorry it went off the air here in spatanbur s.c. hope to see more of deanne bray in the near future.

    dear deanne,
    Miss seeing you on the shouldn\'been taken off the was very good and had alot of meaning to the story.sure hope the company brings the program back on the air.
    would you please send me a picture of you andlevi?
    thank you.
    linda white
  • This woman rocks.

    Deanne Bray is amazing. She has come so far. She doesnt care what others think and she has a cute husband and gorgeous daughter. She gets way to little credit for her portrayal of Sue in STFBE. A role with which she has worked a great deal. She has a great understanding of her character as she is also deaf. If I have to do one thing before I die it would be to meet this woman.When she was knocked back she continued unphased and with the greatest of courage. I cant imagine what it would be like to go to college not for hard of hearing students and to have to be looking at the teacher to read their lips instead of being able to hear or to have an interpreter in the room with you. Deanne is amazing and she is my all time favourite acctress. ST really opened my eyes to lives of other people. I have become more charitable and I have turned from someone who usent go to mass from one end of the year to the other (even at christmas) now I go at least four times a week. She is the greatest and deserves all the happiness in the world. Good Luck withe baby. God Bless.