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    • Deanne Bray: I think at the end of the day, if you have the talent, and you stand above the rest, there is nothing in the world that can stop you.

    • Deanne Bray: Sometimes you know, we feel like we belong to another world, like this world is not for us. In such an environment, we need be honest and give it all we have to be the best in our work and prove ourselves to the world.

    • Deanne Bray: (About Sue Thomas) Sue is like a sister to me! She has been instrumental in my life and has taught me a great deal - I can't even start to put all of those learning's into words. She taught me about the challenges that we will face throughout our lives, and how we will have to keep proving ourselves, time and again to be accepted in the hearing world.

    • Deanne Bray: No one can depict an impaired person's role better than someone who is impaired.

    • Deanne Bray: Most of my friends from the deaf community, along with my hearing family, shaped me into who I am today.

    • Deanne Bray: (About those who can hear wondering why many deaf people don't speak as well as she does, and why some members of the deaf community do not feel that she truly embraces the deaf culture) I have the worst in both worlds, but I do have the best in both, as well.

    • Sue Thomas: (About choosing Deanne Bray to play her character in Sue Thomas F.B.eye) I saw it in her eyes -- which conveyed a loneliness and separation but held the inner strength. I told the producers to look no further -- they had found the actress.

    • Deanne Bray: (About Sue Thomas F.B.eye) Sue Thomas's story is one I deeply understand because like Sue, I'm deaf. My hope is that this show will not only entertain – I'm sure it will do that- but that it can also be a bridge between different worlds, that it can help everyone understand that we are all more alike than we are different.

    • Deanne Bray: My parents encouraged me from a very early age to blend with 'hearing people'. They encouraged me a great deal and taught me to face the challenges. I learnt young and have incorporated a lot of my childhood learnings into my lifestyle. Even if people accept you, living every single day as a hearing impaired is a challenge - a challenge that I have now grown to love.