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Bellingham, WA

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Christopher Walla, Jason McGerr, Nicholas Harmer, Benjamin Gibbard
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While Ben Gibbard was the guitar player for a band named Pinwheel he started Death Cab for Cutie as a solo project.
Gibbard's first release as Death Cab for Cutie was a cassette titled "You Can Play These Songs With Chords". With the unexpected success of the release…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Narrow Stairs:

      1. Bixby Canyon Bridge
      2. I Will Possess Your Heart
      3. No Sunlight
      4. Cath...
      5. Talking Bird
      6. You Can Do Better than Me
      7. Grapevine Fires
      8. Your New Twin Size Bed
      9. Long Division
      10. Pity and Fear
      11. The Ice Is Getting Thinner

    • Plans:

      1. Marching Bands of Manhattan
      2. Soul Meets Body
      3. Summer Skin
      4. Different Names for the Same Thing
      5. I Will Follow You into the Dark
      6. Your Heart Is an Empty Room
      7. Someday You Will Be Loved
      8. Crooked Teeth
      9. What Sarah Said
      10. Brothers on a Hotel Bed
      11. Stable Song

    • Transatlanticism:

      1. The New Year
      2. Lightness
      3. Title and Registration
      4. Expo '86
      5. The Sound of Settling
      6. Tiny Vessels
      7. Transatlanticism
      8. Passenger Seat
      9. Death of an Interior Decorator
      10. We Looked Like Giants
      11. A Lack of Color

    • The Photo Album:

      1. Steadier Footing
      2. A Movie Script Ending
      3. We Laugh Indoors
      4. Information Travels Faster
      5. Why You'd Want to Live Here
      6. Blacking Out the Friction
      7. I Was a Kaleidoscope
      8. Styrofoam Plates
      9. Coney Island
      10. Debate Exposes Doubt

    • Something About Airplanes:

      1. Bend to Squares
      2. President of What?
      3. Champagne from a Paper Cup
      4. Your Bruise
      5. Pictures in an Exhibition
      6. Sleep Spent
      7. The Face That Launched 1000 sh*ts
      8. Amputations
      9. Fake Frowns
      10. Line of Best Fit

    • You Can Play These Songs with Chords (2002):

      1. President of What?
      2. Champagne from a Paper Cup
      3. Pictures in an Exhibition
      4. Hindsight
      5. That's Incentive
      6. Amputations
      7. Two Cars
      8. Line of Best Fit
      9. This Charming Man
      10. TV Trays
      11. New Candles
      12. Tomorrow
      13. Flustered/Hey Tomcat!
      14. State Street Residential
      15. Wait
      16. Prove My Hypotheses
      17. Song for Kelly Huckaby(Facts Version)
      18. Army Corps of Architects

    • You Can Play These Songs with Chords (1997):

      1. President of What?
      2. Champagne from a Paper Cup
      3. Pictures in an Exhibition
      4. Hindsight 5. That's Incentive
      6. Amputations3 7. Two Cars
      8. Line of Best Fit

    • John Vanderslice sang low vocals on Blacking Out the Friction and backing vocals on I Was a Kaleidoscope

    • Sean Nelson sang high vocals on Blacking Out the Friction and harmony vocals on I Was a Kaleidoscope

    • The cello on Bend to Squares and The Face That Launched 1000 sh*ts was written, arranged and played by Erika Jacobs

    • Ben Gibbard once introduced Song For Kelly Huckerby as California on a radio show

    • The songs President of What, Champagne from a Paper Cup, Pictures in an Exhibition, Amputations and Line of Best Fit of the album You Can Play These Songs with Chords were re-recorded for the album Something About Airplanes

    • Death Cab for Cutie recorded a cover of the Smiths song This Charming Man in 1996, it was released on the 2002 re-release of You Can Play These Songs with Chords

    • I Will Possess Your Heart is the first single to be released from the album Narrow Stairs.
      95.5 WBRU of Providence, Rhode Island was the first station in the U.S. to play the song at approximately 1:30 p.m. on March 18, 2008

    • Death Cab for Cutie has received two Nominations for "Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal" and "Best Long Form Music Video" in the 2007 Grammys.

    • Death Cab for Cutie's song "Your Heart Is an Empty Room" was featured in the theatrical trailer for the film The Science of Sleep

    • Death Cab for Cutie's song "Transatlanticism" was played at the ending of CSI:Miami's 100th episode

    • Death Cab for Cutie performed the title song "Little Boxes" for the Showtime series Weeds in episode 2 of season 2

    • The indie film "The Puffy Chair" pays homage to a classic movie moment from "Say Anything" using a Death Cab for Cutie song: its lead character holds up a boombox outside his girlfriend's window blaring Death Cab for Cutie's "Transatlanticism" instead of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

    • Death Cab for Cutie's current label is Atlantic Records. The first release under Atlantic Records was Plans

    • The John Byrd E.P. was Death Cab for Cutie's last release under Barsuk Records

    • Death Cab for Cutie have a split Single with the band The Revolutionary Hydra, called Your Bruise

    • Death Cab for Cutie have a split Single with the band Fiver, called Death Cab for Fiver

    • Singles & E.P's
      1999 - Prove My Hypotheses
      2000 - Underwater!
      2000 - The Forbidden Love EP
      2001 - A Movie Script Ending
      2002 - I Was A Kaleidoscope
      2002 - We Laugh Indoors
      2002 - The Stability EP
      2003 - The New Year
      2004 - The Studio X Sessions
      2004 - The Sound of Settling
      2004 - Title and Registration
      2005 - John Byrd EP
      2005 - Soul Meets Body
      2006 - Crooked Teeth
      2006 - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
      2008 - I Will Possess Your Heart
      2008 - Cath
      2009 - Grapevine Fires
      2009 - The Open Door EP

    • The album "Plans" was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards, held February 8, 2006.

    • In 2005 Death Cab for Cutie released the DVD Drive Well, Sleep Carefully - On the Road with Death Cab for Cutie , a film following their 2004 tour of the U.S.

    • Death Cab for Cutie were in the running for the Streaming Woodie Award with "Crooked Teeth" at the "MTVU Woodie Awards 2006". They also performed.

    • In 2006, a DVD titled "Directions" was released. The DVD was an anthology of 11 short films all inspired by tracks of "Plans."

    • The vinyl release of "Plans" features the bonus track "Talking Like Turnstiles". The Japanese release includes the bonus track "Jealousy Rides With Me".

    • You Can Play These Songs with Chords was expanded with ten more songs and re-released in 2002 on the heels of the success of The Photo Album.

    • You Can Play These Songs with Chords (1997), the first release from the band Death Cab for Cutie, was originally released on cassette.

    • Plans has been certified Gold in the US selling more than 500,000 copies.

    • Transatlanticism has sold more than 225,000 copies.

    • The Forbidden Love E.P. contains an acoustic version of "405", an alternate version of "Company Calls Epilogue" and another version of "Song for Kelly Huckaby"

    • Legendary drummer Neil Peart of Rush has called Death Cab for Cutie one of his favorite new bands on his official website

    • The band originally released the twelve-minute song "Stability" in 2002 with The Stability E.P. Three years later, a new, four-minute version of "Stability" entitled "Stable Song" was released on the full-length album Plans

    • Many of the early songs were recorded in the basement of the home Ben lived in with several roommates in Bellingham.

    • Lyrics from many of the early songs include local references of Bellingham that were important to the band's development

    • Death Cab for Cutie was officially formed in Bellingham, Washington.

    • Highest UK Singles chart position:
      #15 with "Stability" in 2002

    • Highest US Modern Rock chart position: #5 with "Soul Meets Body"

    • Roles of the band members:
      Benjamin Gibbard - Guitarist, Vocals, Songwritter
      Chris Walla - Electric Guitarist
      Nick Harmer - Bass Guitar
      Jason McGerr - Drummer

    • Album Discography:
      1997 You Can Play These Songs with Chords
      1998 Something About Airplanes
      2000 We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes
      2001 The Photo Album
      2003 Transatlanticism
      2005 Plans
      2008 Narrow Stairs

  • Quotes

    • "I just don't feel like we really have anything to prove of it other than to ourselves and to making a record we really enjoy." - Ben Gibbard on Narrow Stairs

  • Death Cab for Cutie is one of my all time favourite bands

    I haven't known about Death Cab for Cutie for very long, they have only come to my attention due to their regular mentions on one of my favourite shows "The O.C."

    I find the lyrics arevery cleverly written and well sung by Benjamin Gibbard, the main man that created Death Cab for Cutie. But his talents are extremely well backed up with Chris Walla on Electric Guitar, Nick Harmer on Bass and Jason McGerr on Drums.

    It's very hard for me to pick my favourite one of their songs, it's a close call between "Soul Meets Body", "I Will Follow You into the Dark", "Someday You Will be Loved", "Crooked Teeth", "The Sound of Settling", "Transatlanticism" and "A Lack of Colour" (Hey, I did say I liked them a lot) but to have to pick just one then I would say Transatlanticism because of the great lyrics and it's beautiful sound.

    I look forward to hearing more from them.moreless
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