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Deb Webber is a highly gifted psychic who lives and communicates with the spirit world. Deb regularly tours Australia conducting seminars and workshops providing individuals with their own proof that life after death is a reality.


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  • She's a total fraud that should be shunned and chastised by the public until she is ready to come clean.

    In 2004, she got caught on hidden cameras talking to fake dead people that were just made up for the purpose of exposing her as a fraud. Here's the video: . Then as an excuse, she claimed that the spirits were real but they just had to be lying to her. What more proof is needed to determine if a psychic is fake?

    The "Sensing Murder" show is pathetic. It takes advantage of the gullible public with slick editing tricks made by the producers to streamline the performance of its actors like Pam Coronado and Deb Webber to make them seem more convincing on TV than they actually are in real life. It uses false advertising to entice viewers and increase ratings and then sells itself as "reality" TV, where it consistently fails to deliver. It employs fake psychics who are paid tons of money to do nothing more than cold and hot readings on camera. And, worst of all, it takes advantage of grieving victims and survivors of horrible crimes for "entertainment" purposes. It is a vile and disgusting business, no matter how you try to spin it.

    Even if the extra TV exposure does help to bring more public attention to a cold case that might prompt people with new information to come forward, what they actually do on the show is still wrong. And this is definitely not the right way to go about getting people interested in unsolved crimes, in any case.

    As it stands, no new evidence has ever been upturned by the psychics and none of the cases that have been featured on the show anywhere in the world have ever been solved since being "investigated" by the psychics. Everything they manage to come up with about the case is information that other people already know about, that has already been publicized in the news, and they always have people right there in front of them that already know all the information about the case beforehand literally giving them the right answers, one way or another, as they proceed to give their "readings". And then the producers delete all the footage of their misses before airing the show so it looks like they have a really great accuracy rating.

    And the question still remains, if any psychics are real, why don't they use their powers to win the lottery every time so they can give all that money to charity, or keep it for themselves so they can be financially free to do even greater deeds, both for themselves and for others? They could literally save the world, or at least stop a lot of little babies from starving to death in third world countries, but no, they would rather spend their lives doing silly "magic" tricks on stage that wind up having to be doctored up by camera tricks instead.moreless