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  • She got upset because people criticized her.

    She got upset because people criticized her. It seems to me that her hyper-sensitivity to criticism would not be the ideal personality trait for a corrections officer. In the post Survivor docu-show, she whines about the criticism. Then to prove that she is overly set-upon, she walks into a cell block in the prison she works at and screams in her shrill annoying accent: (imagine the following text being in capital letters. I originally wrote it in capitals because whe is yelling. The system would not accept my review with anything written in capital letters because it says capital letters is like yelling. So you have to imagine it is in all capitals because of course, I'm repeating something that she yelled) “What did you guys think abaht me bein’ ahn Surveyveh?” (at this point, the capitalization I originally included ended, because I'm no longer quoting something that Debb yelled, now it goes back to normal text) When she is met with a wall of curses, shouts and insults, she smugly turns back to the camera as if she made her point.

    Problem one: If you are a corrections officer in a prison, the inmates should hate you. Survivor has nothing to do with it. Problem two: If your husband dies and you move in and start a relationship with his son, people will think that’s weird. Anyone sleeping with their husband’s son should avoid the public eye, and not be surprised that appearing on world-wide television draws attention to their lifestyle.