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  • Debbe Dunning Played Heidi on Home Improvement

    Debbe Dunning is a great actress, she had a guess appearences on Boy Meets World, and Home Improvement before becoming a regular as Heidi, the sexy tool girl who always introduced Tim and Al, but was the main reason the man watched tool time.

    She was perfect for the part, She's beautiful, with a great figue, but she is also alot more then just looks, she is also a great actor, her character was also quite humous at times, and she is a very down to earth woman. I haven't really seen her in anything since Home Improvement was cancelled hopfully she wiil be in something soon.

    Overall: a beautiful woman, who is a talented as she is good-looking
  • I really liked you when you were on Home Improvement because I thought you had a cute knobby nose.

    I am a big fan of yours. I have watched and taped every episode with you as Debbie Dunning in Home Improvement when it was replayed.

    I am living in a residential house because I have Aspergers Syndrome, which means I get stuck on magpies, I have been watching Home Improvement with family and friends.

    I would like to meet you for a cake and a hot chocolate one day.
  • Hey what can I say she's hot! However she's more than just a pretty face.

    Debbe Dunning is fairly talented and beautiful actress/model. However lately I haven't seen her around. What happened to her? She needs to come back on a sitcom again. She's got the looks that's for sure, and she was a pretty good actress when given the right script. So for all those Debbe Dunning fans let's hope she gets back on the screen.