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    • After Pamela Anderson left Home Improvement at the end of its second season, Debbe auditioned to play the new "Tool Time Girl." However, she almost ruined it when she showed up wearing a skimpy outfit and a lot of make-up. Debbe thought this was what the producers wanted, since Anderson had been a sort of sex symbol on the show, but they quickly made it clear that they wanted the role of Heidi to be a "girl next door" type of character. Debbe came in the next day with jeans and a T-shirt, and she landed the part.

    • Debbe's first television commercial was for the shoe store Foot Locker.

    • Their first child, Spencer Schae Timmons, was born on December 2, 1996.

    • Was named Miss Burbank at her high school. She says it was one of her fondest memories.

    • When she won her first Miller Bikini contest she used the money to pay for her family's vaction since they had been robbed.

    • She was in the movie Leperchan 4.

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