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  • Critical Care

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 5 - 11/1/00

    Stardate: Unknown
    The Doctor is abducted from Voyager and forced to work in a hospital where patients are treated based on their social status.

  • Blast the Past

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 16 - 3/14/00

    Bailey refuses to accept that he's ok. He wants to get help even tough he doesn't have drinking problems anymore. He realizes that he's only happy when other people are miserable. He makes up with Holly. Kristen is feeling weird at work and Charlie worries about her, fearing a depression, but the reason she has been an emotional roller coaster is because she's pregnant. Julia gets an email from Justin and decides to go to Vegas and stop him from getting married. Adam confesses his love to her and she decides to let Justin get on with his life, even tough he's not sure Laura is the one. Claudia gets mad at Todd because he doesn't pay attention to her, but he was just afraid of doing something wrong. She kisses him. Joe is tired of Charlie not trusting him anymore, so he decides to leave the restaurant, but Charlie asks him to stay.moreless
  • His Way

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 20 - 4/22/98

    Stardate: Unknown Odo uses Bashir's holosuite character of Vic Fontaine to bring himself and Kira closer together.
  • Love Never Dies

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 11/14/93

    In the world of fashion filled with greed and passion a young model's death from an overdose raises several questions. Among others: who was the middle-aged man who often watched from a distance?moreless
  • The Trip (1)

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 1 - 8/12/92

    With Elaine in Europe, Jerry asks George to accompany him on a trip to LA and The Tonight Show; while there they will try to locate Kramer. While auditioning, Kramer must deal with the advances of an older female landlord (an actress who hasn't worked since 1934) and get someone in Hollywood to read his script treatment. A body is discovered; the victim, a young woman, was strangled. Kramer meets a woman at an audition and he gives her a copy of his script. Jerry loses the correct phrasing for some new jokes and George tries to get Lupe, the chambermaid, to make his bed just right. At The Tonight Show, George disturbs the guests and Jerry bombs. The woman Kramer gave the script to is strangled and his script is found in her possession. Kramer's face is shown on the news as the prime suspect for the "Smog Strangler," a serial-killer.moreless
  • Can't Buy Me Love

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 4 - 10/19/90

    Dan is thrilled when he offers himself as a prize at a bachelor auction, until he sees the lecherous old woman who bids highest for him; and Christine is beginning to have doubts about her marriage to Tony.moreless
  • Blue Suede Bull

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 5 - 11/1/89

    Harry embarrasses Christine in front of a very pro-feminist judge with his trick handcuffs while Dan repays a debt to Bull by taking him out on the town for a swinging evening.
  • Master the Possibilities

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 16 - 2/7/88

    When the mailman delivers a credit card pre-approved for Buck the Dog, the Bundy's go on a spending spree.