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  • West Wing episode writer who has written the episodes "Abu el Banat", "The Supremes", "No Exit", "Liftoff", "Impact Winter" and "Drought Conditions" in the post-Aaron Sorkin West Wing era. Notice how those are six of the best episodes out of the 44 after

    When Aaron Sorkin left the West Wing it is safe to say that most people knew that the quality of the show was not going to be the same. Sorkin wrote these characters in such a way that one thought nobody could even come close to matching him in script quality. Then Debora Cahn came along, and while she does not quite meet Aaron Sorkin in quality, she is an outstanding writer on an otherwise underwhelming writing staff.

    In a fifth season that was marred with some below average, and even some outright bad episode writing, the three episodes written by Debora Cahn stand out. "Abu El Banat" and "The Supremes" are looked at as two of the best episodes of the season, and could hold their own against most Aaron Sorkin written scripts of the show.

    "Liftoff", "Impact Winter" and "Drought Conditions" were, again, some of the best episodes of the sixth season and could also, again, be comparable to most of the episodes written by Aaron Sorkin.

    Cahn is able to capture the characters in the way that only Aaron Sorkin could. She has been able to bring the humor back to the show that was missing it when the episodes were written by others on the writing staff. Her writing seems very natural and it seems to flow exceptionally well with these characters. The dialogue seems very natural and the characters return to being the ones that we knew and loved for the first four seasons of the show, and not these crazy strangers who show up 19 times a year on Wednesday nights. The way she writes for these characters is rivaled by only one person and it is Sorkin himself. It's a nice return to what the show was, and what it still could be if Debora Cahn wrote more episodes.

    When it comes to the one word classification given to her I'm going with "Underused" because she has only written three episodes a season and should definitely be used more. Hopefully she will get more opportunities to write in season seven. However, even though I selected "Underused" there are also other classifications that could be used, such as "Original", "Talented", "Underrated", "Give her a show", "Personal Favorite" and "Gorgeous". However, “Underused” seems to be the one that applies the most as she is only writing three episodes a season.

    Let Debora Cahn write more West Wing episodes. She is incredible, she is talented, she knows these characters, and the powers that be need to realize these things.