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  • Marsha & Nikki

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    S 3 : Ep 1 - 6/12/06

    With just a few days to go before Marsha's wedding to Archie, Marsha's gone from 'irritable' to 'road rage.' From her standpoint, an unhelpful fiancé, thoughtless bridal party members, ill-mannered vendors, and endless commuting are putting her on the verge of a full-out, Mount Saint Helens-style eruption. Will she keep it together long enough to say 'I do?' Meanwhile, Nikki is getting ready to tie the knot to long-time love Tony - and nothing but a gala affair will do. Unfortunately, her budget doesn't quite see eye-to-eye with her extravagant, fairy tale designs. Still, even a short-attention-span wedding party, a drunk groom and any number of hitches won't keep Nikki from having her fantasy wedding.moreless
  • Korliss & Noelle

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    S 1 : Ep 8 - 7/20/04

    Korliss is coming really close to her wedding to Peter, but there are many issues that stand in her way. Her wedding planner is difficult to reach, her dress has a spot on it, the flowers the florist is suggesting are all wrong, and everyone seems to be running late to the wedding rehearsal. The day of her wedding starts off calm, but when the venue tells Korliss that there will be no music when she walks down the isle, Korliss is steamed. She does find her own way to have music playing and the rest of the day is like a fairytale wedding. Noelle is only a day away from her wedding to Dan. So, how will she find time to get a marriage license and get the reception organized? The day of her wedding is even more of a mess. She starts it off by being over an hour late to the salon for hair and make-up and then she is late to the church. When the bouquet is handed to her, she freaks out because the roses are the wrong color. With another wedding scheduled right after hers, the priest decides to shorten Noelle’s wedding in order to end in time. After all the fuss, Noelle is at least able to enjoy her reception.moreless
  • Magdalena, Korliss & Noelle

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    S 1 : Ep 7 - 7/13/04

    Magdalena's wedding to Justin is close but hell brakes lose when some financial problems interfere. The reception and honeymoon are expensive and the couple has no choice but to refinance their mortgage. Magdalena has her nails done but has a tantrum when one isn't done correctly. The wedding rehearsal runs smoothly but on her wedding day, the guests, who didn’t RSVP, show up with dates and the band has trouble tracking her down so they can be paid.

    Korliss has some business to take care of. It seems her dress has not been altered and does not fit her right. So, she goes to the bridal shop and complains until they agree to fix it. Later, Korliss meets up with her mom, mother-in-law to be, wedding planner, and a few others to put together the invitations, which are already a week late. When her mother-in-law to be spills some water, Korliss can’t hold in her temper.

    Today we meet 36-year-old Noelle who is planning a big Irish Catholic wedding to Dan. Noelle puts Dan in charge of cleaning the Bathrooms, because the wedding rehearsal is coming up. Dan doesn’t do it to her liking and now the whole family is fighting.moreless
  • Antonella, Magdalena & Korliss

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    S 1 : Ep 6 - 7/6/04

    After many disturbances Antonella’s big day has nearly arrived but when she goes to pick up her dress she finds that the veil has not been made up to her specifications and she chucks a tantrum. The rehearsal goes well and as planned, which is a first in Bridezillas and so does the wedding! Magdalena wedding to Justin is close, but they still have so many things to do. Magdalena demands to speak to a manager as she finds out that she may not be able to have a DJ at her wedding. Later, she finds out that she needs a final head count. Justin and her start calling all that have not RSVP'd. Days later, it is time for Magdalena to get the bridesmaids dresses. She sees some flaws, but gets the employees to work it out. On top of all her problems, she gets a parking ticket. Today we meet Korliss who is getting married to Peter. They have some time before their wedding, but that doesn’t mean that the pressure and stress hasn’t already begun. Korliss is dealing with a wedding coordinator who claims she can’t be reached. Later, the coordinator steps up to the plate, when she has to tell the wedding party, family, and friends their responsibilities for Korliss’ wedding.moreless
  • Antonella, Patricia & Magdalena

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    S 1 : Ep 5 - 6/29/04

    Antonella and Michael have yet another wedding rehearsal but this time they are satisfied and there are no more surprises hiding behind doors.

    Patricia’s wedding to Nicholas is just around the corner, but there is still so much to be done and her wedding planner is not helping. The night of Patricia’s wedding rehearsal the wedding planner sits back and lets Patricia run the show even when the wedding party is getting out of hand!

    Today we meet Magdalena, who is a 29-year-old talent agent who is preparing her dream wedding to Justin. She is looking for a dress in an upscale designer’s shop. While she is trying on dresses she makes rude comments right in front of the designer which doesn’t help the situation.moreless
  • Gretchen, Antonella & Patricia

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    S 1 : Ep 4 - 6/22/04

    As Gretchen's wedding to Norman is coming closer, her father is trying to take control of the wedding which is causing much chaos. Her wedding day finally arrives unlike Gretchen's mother whose rental car blows a flat wheel!

    Antonella is a hairstylist, but she can’t do her own hair her wedding to Michael. So, she goes to a recommended hair stylist for a rehearsal hairstyle. After many communication problems, her style comes out all wrong. Days later, Antonella cuts and colors almost everyone’s hair, but doesn’t have the time to do her own.

    Today we meet 22 year old Patricia who is the biggest 'drama queen' we have seen in Bridezilla's! We watch her prepare for her wedding to Nicolas and drama stirs as her wedding dress isn't to her liking.moreless
  • Jada, Antonella & Gretchen

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    S 1 : Ep 3 - 6/15/04

    Jada and Julius's wedding is just a week away and there are huge problems. Jada's wedding dress hasn't been made yet and the decorations for the hall still haven't been prepared. We watch Jada and Julius in the rehearsal three days before and finally all of the hard work pays off for a romantic wedding.

    Antonella and Michael are planning and paying for their wedding, but this huge financial responsibility is putting a lot of strain on their relationship. Antonella is pissed! The store she ordered her shoes from is giving her the run around. So, to comfort her, Antonella’s sister pampers her. Later, while she is at work, Antonella tells her co-workers about the prank she is pulling on Michael at his 2nd Bachelor party.

    Today we meet 31 year old Gretchen who will go to extreme measures to get exactly what she wants when planning her dream wedding to Norman. She is lucky the Norman is such a relaxed guy and lets her use up the money!moreless
  • Adrianna, Jada & Antonella

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 6/8/04

    Adrianna’s wedding to Jason is less than a month away and things are getting really messy. As well as messy, things get silly when Adrianna's mum makes a huge fuss about how the diamond in her ring might fall off.

    Jada is even more strict and stubborn when Julius wants to change a small detail about the wedding and Jada can't cope with it. We also meet Antonella who is planning her wedding for Michael. Tension increases when Antonella's brother doesn't want them to get married.moreless
  • Thuy, Adrianna & Jada

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 6/1/04

    Firstly we meet Thuy who is a 27-year-old business planner who is planning a wedding for her lover John. A lot of stress is flying around as things don't go as planned and Thuy's bridesmaids forget to plan a surprise Bridal Shower, which John ends up taking care of. With the wedding coming closer and closer, Thuy starts to show the first signs of being a Bridezilla.

    We also meet 19 year old Adrianna who really shows her temper as planning a wedding for Jason and herself.

    Finally we meet 31 year old Jada, who is an experienced publicity consultant. Jada is also a perfectionist which doesn't help when planning a relaxed wedding for Julius.moreless