Debra Clinger

Debra Clinger


6/8/1952, Utah

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Debra sang first with her sisters in a rock group known as The Clinger Sisters.
It consisted of Debra on bass, Patsy on drums, Peggy on Guitar, and Melody on keyboards. They never achieved the acclaim they sought. They probably could have, had it not been for their…more


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  • Review of The Clinger Sisters on \"The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour\". Too bad that show didn\'t last a lot longer than it did. Rex W. Long.

    In the late sixties, while still in high school, I watched ‘The Smothers Brothers’ on Sunday nights and observed The Clinger Sisters covering Beatles Songs. They harmonized very well. I fell in love with the bass player who after all these years turns out to be Debra Clinger. I didn’t realize it then, but she was a year younger than me while performing on that show. That puts here at around 16 then. She was so mature I thought she had to be in her early twenties. I was anything but mature sitting in Kettering, Ohio watching her. Glad to hear she’s doing well. Stay Frosty, Debra!!

    Rex Long - AFTRA/SAG Member & Actor/Comedian and sometimes Singer.moreless