Debra DiGiovanni

Debra DiGiovanni


3/21/1972, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

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Deb DiGiovanni
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Living in Toronto with Italian origins, Debra DiGiovanni has blossomed into one of Canada's favorite female comediennes. She started out performing at several comedy clubs in Toronto, including The Laugh Resort and Yuk Yuk's, and then progressed to headlining shows, including the Just For Laughs and Eyes on…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Debra has a long history with MuchMusic. According to an episode of Video On Trial, she commented that she was a switchboard operator at MuchMusic in the 1990s.

    • Debra was voted "Toronto's Favorite Stand-Up Comedian" by NOW Magazine in 2008.

    • Debra sometimes works as a receptionist for a small real estate agency. She says the best part is that she wears a head set and can pretend to be famous singers like Madonna.

    • Debra's twin sister got married on her birthday. Debra jokes it was made worse by the fact that she had to go to Vancouver without any of her friends and her ex-boyfriend from high-school took the wedding pictures.

    • Debra was an online correspondent for Season 6 of Last Comic Standing. She offered commentary on the comedy acts every week after the episode aired via NBC's video portal.

    • Debra appeared on Slice's Plastic Makes Perfect joking about how women love and hate different parts of their body for different reasons.

    • Debra attended Humber College in Toronto for courses in Comedy Writing and Performance.

    • Debra has performed comedy tours with fellow Video On Trial performers Trevor Boris and Laurie Elliot.

    • Debra was a Top 10 finalist for the fifth season (2007) of Last Comic Standing. She placed eighth in the competition.

    • Debra absolutely adores cats and owns several of them. This has been the basis of several jokes between performers on MuchMusic's Video On Trial. Her feelings towards dogs are not exactly the same.

  • Quotes

    • Debra: I think when you at this age and you're still single, you have to get a come-back. Something that you have ready to say to explain your situation. So now when everyone asks, I say, hey, have you tried Nutella, that chocolate hazelnut spread? Oh my god, who needs a boyfriend when there's Nutella! A jar of Nutella, white sliced bread, and a box of wine - that's a freakin' weekend right there!

    • Debra: I usually get the older European men. And by older, I mean above the age of 85... Any guy that's been in a world war, shut-up, are you kidding, those old men freakin' love me! Their the ones that look at me and say 'she can survive a great depression', you know because, uh, (points to body), I'm good stock is what I'm saying.

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