Debra Lawrance

Debra Lawrance


1/1/1957, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Debra Lawrence
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    • The makers of Home and Away actually filmed Debra Lawrence having her real life baby and planned to use the footage for when her character Pippa gave birth to baby Dale. Apparently the scene was cut because they thought it was too explicit and there was only one scene where her husband,(on & off screen) Michael played by Dennis Coard rubbed her back. It's rumoured that Debra threatened to quit the show if it was shown as she felt it would be an invasion of her privacy.

    • Debra was the third actress cast in the role of Pippa on Home and Away, however she was only the second seen on screen. The character was originally meant to be played by Carole Willesee but she left before filming started and was replaced by Vanessa Downing. Interestingly enough, Carole was later considered for the role when Vanessa left, but turned it down, and Debra was cast instead.

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