Debra McMichael

Debra McMichael


3/2/1960, West Blocton, Alabama USA

Birth Name

Debra Gale Marshall



Also Known As

Debra, Debra Austin, Debra Williams, Debra Marshall-Williams, Queen Debra, Debra Marshall McMichael, Debra McMichaels, Debra Marshall
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Debra is an Actress & Model and a form Pro Wrestling Diva, Manager and Valet. She was married to former Professional Football Player and Form Pro Wrestler Steve 'Mongo' McMichaels from 26 February 1985 to 12 October 1998. She next married Pro Wrestler 'Stone Cold' Seve Austin from…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Debra was and is still one of the hottest diva wwe has ever had.

    Debra is my all time favorites diva in wwe. she was a great manager and had great pictures taken of her. i really enjoyed her stripping at the end of the Jeff Jarrett and Goldust match. it was disapointing when the blue blazer (owen hart) covered her up. although, i doubt wwf would have allowed her to go any further even though it was the attitude era. she was a great manager with equalness to sunny. Debra helped Jeff Jarrett win and defend several tiltes until he turned on her. bad mistake for him. Her women's title reign was underused and saw her mostly on cheering on Jarrett. i'm sure they could have thought of something. sadly Debra's role in wwe was declining with her marriage to stone cold. eventually she disapered for good. she has expressed interest in returning if a position became available. maybe there's still hope of her returning.

    raw needs a general manager.moreless