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    • Debrah: I wanted to change my name to Miranda when I was five and I told my mom she can call me Randy.

    • Debrah: Technically, I'm a biochemistry major. But ... a great thing about women in their 40s, going back to school and doing it part time, is that I thought that's what I wanted to do, and after a year there, I realized it was really molecular biology that I love. And it's really a long-term journey, because I'm juggling family and work.

    • Debrah: (On dropping the O in her name.) I was very young. I was on a rooftop in Rome. And a friend gave it to me as a gift and we were feeling free and it just felt right to drop the 'O.' I never liked the name Debbi.

    • Debrah: Science was not hard for me. I just like it. It's a very creative field, and there's always something new to learn.

    • Debrah: Just after the first moon landing, I heard if you had $100,000 you could go to the moon as a civilian. I was excited and immediately started saving my money in a bank account for my future moon trip. Eventually, I wound up using it for my college education.

    • Debrah: I love the sci-fi genre because you get to go beyond what your typical life might be, like playing a housewife and mom was fun on "Get Real", but it was sort of reflecting into my own regular life, and as an actor, when you get into this genre, you get to explore more complex issues, and your reality gets skewed to reflect that.

    • Debrah: (On getting her role on the series "Eureka") My hobby is science - actually molecular biology - and in-between jobs I've slowly been continuing my studies. I'm on a very long road to getting my bachelors, and actually, when this script was sent to me I'd taken a couple years off to study molecular biology, and my agent called me and said, 'Debrah, here is one I think you are going to love, because it combines science with great characters and intriguing stories.' So yeah, I brought some of that to the plate.

    • Debrah: I don't know anyone else who has been on as many shows as I have at my age and hasn't had a hit, You'd think a track record like that would discourage people from hiring me. But I think it works in my favor. Because I've had the opportunity to work a lot and not be pigeonholed. Maybe there's something to this one season- and-out thing.

    • Debrah: I'm the queen of critically acclaimed failed television series. After all these years in television, I never have known a series to go more than one year, I've got friends who have been on shows for five years and I go, "What's that like?"