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  • Ant is really great.

    I've always loved Ant and Dec but specially Dec.He's A great guy and Definitly the best TV Host ever.Hes on many great shows including im aCeleb. and Ant And Decs Saturday Night takeway.I always liked when I was young and watching him now really shows me how funny he actually is.i think he would be very nice to meet and hes great Fun.We see him go out and trie his Hardest in the Challenges Vs.Ant.He usually comes out with the win.He always looks like his having Fun and He looks like good Crack.Go on Dec.Youre a real Big Ledgend.Classic......Ant
  • A great guy. A great entertainer and a charming man. A definate all time great. Not a bad voice either!!!

    Declan Donnellly, What can I say. Apart from being a fantastic entertainer, he is also a very charming and sexy man. Being one of my personal favourite celebraties, I would give him a score out of 10 a 10.
    I think that he has had the success he has had due to the above qualities. He is such a nice fella and easy to watch. I would be happy to sit on my sofa of a evening watching him every night.
    To summarise, A great guy that would make any woman very happy.
    I wish him a lot of luck in his future career and hope that his life is a happy and contented one.
    Love ya Dec!!!
    (Pam Smith) AKA: sassy-lassy xxxx