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  • A great guy. A great entertainer and a charming man. A definate all time great. Not a bad voice either!!!

    Declan Donnellly, What can I say. Apart from being a fantastic entertainer, he is also a very charming and sexy man. Being one of my personal favourite celebraties, I would give him a score out of 10 a 10.
    I think that he has had the success he has had due to the above qualities. He is such a nice fella and easy to watch. I would be happy to sit on my sofa of a evening watching him every night.
    To summarise, A great guy that would make any woman very happy.
    I wish him a lot of luck in his future career and hope that his life is a happy and contented one.
    Love ya Dec!!!
    (Pam Smith) AKA: sassy-lassy xxxx