Dedee Pfeiffer

Dedee Pfeiffer


Midway City, California

Birth Name

Dorothy D. Pfeiffer



Also Known As

Dorothy D. Pfeiffer
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Dedee Pfeiffer was born Dorothy Pfeiffer in California 1964. She is the sister of actresses Michelle and Lori. She has been married twice and has one son with her second husband Santiago Gomez. Dedee's best-known TV roles are on the television series playing on Cybill Shepherds daughter on…more


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    • Dedee Pfeiffer: I quit acting pretty much every six months, I quit. I would do it for 16 years. And I want to quit often. And that was one of the times where I thought, "okay, I'm out of here. I'm going back to school. I'm gonna get, like, a real job, something that's important." And, you know, I was gonna work for "National Geographic" or something if they would have me and take pictures of animals. So I thought, well, they wanted me to read for Cybill Shepherd's older daughter, and I went, "oh, like I could play that. But I'll try." So I went in, and I read, and I got it. So I was like, "okay, well, I guess I won't quit."

    • Dedee Pfeiffer: I've always auditioned for everything I've gotten. Nothing's been handed to me really. And I think that--that builds character. You know, not that if someone wanted to hand me something, that wouldn't be lovely, too.

    • Dedee Pfeiffer: On my butt I have a tattoo of two cherubs hugging each other. They are symbolic of the angels that protect me, and they epitomize the innocence of love. I also have one of two doves. One represents the memory of my father and the other is in memory of my best friend. They symbolise how I feel about people I've loved and lost.

    • Dedee Pfeiffer: I'm the wild Pfeiffer. Michelle is smart, cautious and shy, whereas I'm wild and outrageous and talk before I think. I'm always flashing people at bars - not my breasts, but my tattoos. My family and friends know I'm a freak and I'll try almost anything once.