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  • Deena was a strong, confident and clever woman who brought a great dynamic and fantastic leadership to the season.

    Deena was a fascinating woman, with huge amounts of strength, courage, intelligence and charisma. As a feminist, I was automatically drawn to Deena's obvious strength and belief in the abilities of females. In a game drawn up to be a battle of the sexes, Deena was entirely confident that the women could win out with ease, an outlook that found a kindred spirit in myself.

    Deena really provided some great tv moments during her time in the show. It was obvious to everybody that Deena had the intelligence and the skills to be a leader and, like I imagine she finds it in real life, Deena was the elected leader of the girl tribe. She shone in this role, getting the women organized, boosting moral, confidence and camaraderie.

    Deena also played a solid game. Her only weakness was putting trust in women with different goals to hers. Unfortunately, she trusted the younger crowd, hoping to manipulate them into a situation she was happy with. Instead they used their numbers to turn on her, ultimately leading to her downfall.

    Deena had some good moments, most especially her leading the girls and the guys to a victorious first vote post-merge, and her afternoon date with the schmoozy Dave.

    In life I would be very drawn to somebody like Deena. I had a huge respect for her as a person, and I wish very much that she had made it further in the game.