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This perennially popular UK hard rock band was formed in 1977 in Sheffield, Yorkshire by Pete Willis (b. 16 February 1960, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England; guitar), Rick Savage (b. 2 December 1960, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England; bass) and Tony Kenning (drums), as Atomic Mass. They assumed their current name when…more


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    Even though I wasn't born or lived in the time when this band was famous, I'm still a huge fan. My mother made me listen to their music, and I got hooked. Def Leppard is a GREAT band. They had a lot of ordeals, such as the car accident that caused the drummer to get his arm severed, and the death of guitarist, Steve Clark, but they still managed to make great music. Joe Elliot, who is the vocals of the group, has an amazing voice. My personal favorite song is Women, which is in the album "Hysteria". Even though not many teens my age listen to this, I'm a major fan and I alwats will be.moreless