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Deftones were founded in Sacramento, California 1988. They were high school students when they first started playing together. As time went by the band (Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham) started playing at shows and hiring different bass guitar players until they settled permanently on Chi Cheng. The…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Chino recorded all the vocals for Adrenaline live with the band, using a hand held microphone.

    • Album: Saturday Night Wrist
      Released: Oct 31, 2006

    • (song meaning)

      change (in the house of flies)

      This is a metaphorical song. You can take it in the literal sinse of watching someone turn into a fly, take them home, and tear off their wings while laughing. Or completely having to take someones life away.

    • (song meaning)

      Digital Bath:

      As romantic as this song comes off as the meaning behind the song is about sticking an electical appliance into a bathtub full of water while being in it.

    • The song "Feiticeira" is about a kidnapping scenario.

    • (song meanings)

      Back To School:

      Being someone in life is the kind of advice Chino gives on "Back to School", and the solution is school. So why don't you run back to school! If we want to be someone in this life we gotta have brains and school is the place.

    • Frank has two tattoos on each arm of a flaming heart.

    • Stef has two tattoos of angels on his wrists.

    • Abe has two or three tattoo's.

    • Chi has about five tattoo's.

    • Chino has about eight tattoo's.

    • Instruments: Drums (TAMA):
      TAMA Starclassic Maple in Green Sparkle or white finish (l-r)
      16x18 floor tom ; 7x8 tom ; 6.5x14 bell brass snare (or 7x13 maple snare)
      18x20 bass drum ; 8x10 tom ; 9x12 tom ; 16x16 floor tom

      Cymbals (ZILDJIAN):
      Zildjian ( all are brilliant finish except Crash of doom ) (l-r)
      14" A Mastersound Hi-hats ; 12" A Splash
      20" Oriental Crash of doom
      19" A Rock Crash ; 10" A Splash
      22" A Custom Ride
      20" A Medium Crash
      20" Oriental China trash

      Sticks (ZILDJIAN): Zildian, Session master model

      Bass: (FENDER)
      '57 Deluxe Bass Jazz, Precision Reissues 2x

      Amps: (HUGHES & KETTNER)
      4 SVT 8x10 Cabinets and 2 SVT2pro Amplifier Heads

      Sans Amp GT2

      Microphone: (SHURE)
      Wired Microphones

      Green Company Amps

      ESP Viper 301 Guitar
      Epiphone G-400
      Gibson 1961 Les Paul SG

    • Deftones singer Chino Moreno has contributed singing for Korn, Soulfly, In This Defiance, Sevendust, Cypress Hill, and many more bands.

    • Album: Adrenaline
      Released: Oct 3, 1995

    • Album: Around the Fur
      Released: Oct 28, 1997

    • Album: Self-titled
      Released: May 20, 2003

    • Album: White Pony
      Released: Oct 3, 2000

    • White Pony, won the BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR at the Kerrang! awardsAlso voted best album of the year by Kerrang Magazone.

    • Deftones had early sponsorship of a local favorite Korn, with whom they shared a fan community that was largely based from the skateboaders.

    • Carpenter was a hit by a drunk driver; and because of this incident Carpenter recieved a large insurance settlement, and was able to buy highly expensive, high-quality equipment for the band.

    • Stephen Carpenter (guitarist) is generally credited with (strings) even though he is the guitarist.

    • Deftones has been praised as one of the most innovative and unique rock bands of recent years.

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