Delta Burke

Delta Burke


7/30/1956, Orlando, Florida

Birth Name

Delta Ramona Leah Burke


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Born in Orlando, Florida, Delta Burke is the eldest of three. She began modeling and participating in beauty contests at an early age, having won 18 pageant titles by the time she was 17. She represented Florida in the Miss America Pageant, winning a talent scholarship, which she…more


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  • Delta is a funny and a serios actor that is real.This I like to see in people.True to herself.Depression seems to run in her family.Heavy people exist thanks to Delta on screen and off.Thank you Delta for your courage to be you and not the studio version.moreless

    Thanks for being Delta.You are an example to us that we can accept ourselves for who we are and not for who someone else tells us to be.

    I hope are children get to see your work soon.

    A trip to the theatre would be adventurous for us to see a play if it is still in production.
  • Although she is superb at comedic acting, she's able to hold her own in dramas as well.

    Delta Burke has been one of my favorite actresses for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I watched her on "Designing Women", and her portrayal of southern belle Suzanne was always so much fun. Suzanne was always my favorite character on the show.

    After she left the show, I continued to catch her performances. I watched "Women of the House" and "Delta", and most recently, I watched her series "DAG". Although none of those achieved success, it was fun to get to see her back on television.

    I've also been able to catch some of her dramatic roles, including the recent Lifetime movies "Dangerous Child" and "Going for Broke". In both movies, she demonstrates that although she is superb at comedic acting, she's able to hold her own in dramas as well.moreless