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  • What can i say?

    Delta is my all time favourite person. Not only does she have a fabulous voice but the girl can act too.

    When she started Neighbours in 2002 i thought it was just another boring character but i was so wrong. She was great and i wish she would come back, to make it better. Out of all of the episodes she was in, in the year and a bit she played Nina, i only missed one!
    I thought she played Nina so well and i think it's just what she needed to promote her singing. When i first heard Born To Try on Neighbours, i loved it!

  • Delta Goodrem is an all time great. Her songs are inspirational to all those songwriters-to-be, her songs are true to her, other people and life, missing out on Delta would be a big mistake. She’s talented, beautiful what more can I say?

    Delta Goodrem’s claim to fame was on the Australian soap Neighbours, where she starred as Nina Tucker from 2002-2003. After which just like many before her she started her pop career, but as she grew up and became more sophisticated, and went through the horrific ordeal with Hodgkin's disease, her songs got more sophisticated and her second album “Mistaken Identity” has a bit of a rock twang to it, especially “A Little Too Late.” I think Delta herself should be a bigger success than she is, because she is a singer-songwriter so more people can relate to her songs. Her first ever single “Born to try” from the album “Innocent Eyes” was a massive success as is most first songs from many singers, and was her most pop-based songs, but still with a bit of a rock twang in there. Not many people like Delta, probably think her songs are too true, but I think given the chance she can shine not just in Australia, but all over the world.
  • I can't think of one bad thing to say about Delta, she's amazing ^_^ This review will be long because there's so much to say about this amazing artist and all of her achievements! If you wanna know more about Delta and what she's achieved take a look. :)

    Delta Goodrem is an amazingly successful Australian artist who not only sings fantastically, she also writes absolutely amazing songs, plays piano and can act too!
    Delta is well known for her amazing music as well as her part as ‘Nina Tucker’ in ‘Neighbours’, and contrary to what people think, she already has a recording deal before she was signed for Neighbours – the part of Nina was created especially for Delta herself!
    I’ve been a huge fan of Delta since I first saw her act in Neighbours, I thought she was a very good and convincing actress – then I heard her sing and thought ‘WOW!!!!’ I’ve now got every single she has ever released in different countries including the rare ‘I Don’t Care’. I also have all of the promos and all versions of both her albums from each country. Delta is a person who is so pleasant and genuinely honest that you can’t not like her. She’s never smoked, done any drugs, doesn’t drink unless it’s at some kind of social event and cares so much for her family and her fans it really is heart warming. With most musical artists you’d probably prefer it if they mimed on stage instead of singing live because they sound worse singing live, Delta just sounds even better live and that’s something which is extremely rare, something to be very proud of.
    Delta is turning 21 on November 9th of this year, and she’s achieved so much! With 7 #1 singles under her belt, a debut album which was at #1 for the majority of 2003 and a second album which also topped the charts you can only admire her – and this is only her charting history in Australia!
    Delta was just 18 and gaining a lot of recognition in the UK, while continuing to be a huge artist in Australia when she got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. The support she got from her fans worldwide was amazing. When I first heard the news I did cry, I was already a huge fan of Delta and when you first hear the word cancer all sorts of horrible thoughts enter your head, I was scared for her and terrified she wouldn’t beat it. Delta did beat it though and she is now in remission which is fantastic.
    Delta has broken many records with 10 Aria Nominations, winning 9 of those awards (including 2 viewer voted awards). Also, her DVD entitled ‘Delta’ is the highest selling music DVD ever in Australia. Delta’s ‘Innocent Eyes’ album has already sold over 1 million copies, it is the highest selling album of 2003 and is also the longest running Australian #1 of all time AND the second longest charting album in Australian history…that’s a hell of a lot of achievements for one album release!!
    During Delta’s battle with cancer she continued to write music and some more singles were released from her debut album: ’Not Me, Not I’ (for which Delta filmed the video for not long after she was diagnosed) and ‘Predictable’ (video clip of a previous performance Delta had done). Both of these entered the charts at #1 in Australia - totalling 5 consecutive #1’s from her debut album!
    Delta’s new album ‘Mistaken Identity’ takes you through a journey of the emotions she went through when dealing with the cancer, an album which is amazing and really helps you understand how hard it was for Delta and how brave and courageous she really is, songs such as ‘Extraordinary Day’, ‘Fragile’ and ‘Last Night on Earth’ illustrate this tremendously well. While Delta had cancer she formed a relationship with tennis star Mark Philippoussis. Unfortunately this relationship ended.
    Delta began releasing music again once she was in remission and felt better. Her first single from her new album, entitled ‘Out of the Blue’ entered the charts at #1 in Australia, her 6th #1 single and her 7th #1 release if you include her amazing ‘Innocent Eyes’ album. From there her second album (Mistaken Identity [MI]) was released in Australia, immediately debuting at #1 along with her 3rd Australian release from MI, ‘Almost Here’ clocking up Delta’s 7th #1 single - totalling 9 #1’s in Australia for Delta so far!
    Delta has also had a lot of success in the UK with her ‘Innocent Eyes’ album debuting at #2 and most of her singles debuting in the top 10, apart from ‘Not Me, Not I’ which debuted at #18 with NO promotion! A great achievement!
    Delta has also done a lot of work acting-wise. When she was younger she starred in programmes such as ‘Hey Dad!’, ‘A Country's Practice’ and ‘Police Rescue’. From there she had a regular role as ‘Nina Tucker’ in ‘Neighbours’. After a break from television with her music Delta has also had a guest role in the US show ‘North Shore’ as ‘Taylor Ward’ in the season finale, alongside big television stars such as Shannen Doherty. Delta has also done some re-occurring appearances in Neighbours because she felt she hadn’t said goodbye properly. This was because Delta had to leave unexpectedly due to getting diagnosed with Cancer.
    Since beating Cancer Delta has been actively involved in Charity work concerning Cancer and has recently been involved in launching a teen cancer website in the UK ( where information and advice for teenagers dealing with cancer can be found.
    Delta’s latest acting project was a movie in Australia, a hit film based on the book ‘Hating Alison Ashley’ Delta played the lead part of ‘Alison Ashley’ and it is hopefully going to be released on DVD here in the UK later this year.
    Delta is currently dating brian mcfadden. Their relationship caused a lot of controversy but it’s been almost a year and they are still dating. The media seem to have died down and Delta is happy, which is the most important thing. There are still some people who are not particularly happy with the relationship, and I am one of them. I do not like brian and I never will, but Delta is happy and that’s all that matters, all I can say is that he’d better not hurt her – ever, she’s been through so much already she doesn’t need or deserve more hurt.
    So Delta’s currently in the states getting ready to release ‘Lost Without You’
    So now, presently, Delta has just finished her first ever National tour, with great ticket sales and great reviews it will be released on DVD in October of this year.
    Delta is now concentrating on breaking into the USA market. Her first release in America will be the amazing ballad ‘Lost Without You’. Delta has been rumoured to have filmed brand new video clips for ‘Lost Without You’ and ‘Born to Try’ especially for the re-release in America. The signs are looking good for Delta to carve out a hugely successful career in the States!
    Delta’s latest release in the UK (back in February) debuted at #3 in the UK charts and #1 in Ireland. Once Delta has cracked America we are hoping for more music releases over here, and we can’t wait! I’m sure Delta will continue to be a huge success in Australia along with the UK and soon enough, America. ‘Delta Domination’ lol. Many of the songs on Delta’s albums are written or co-written by herself and she loves to perform live with her piano and her band. It’s very rare you’ll find Delta sitting at the piano with shoes on – you’ll see her shoes neatly put at the side of the piano, Delta is 5’ 10” tall so she finds it easier to play without shoes…but it’s such a cute little thing to do!
    Delta is beyond doubt an amazing, inspirational and caring person who makes a lot of people happy. Delta is the perfect role model and one artist I know I will always support, love and truly admire. Her personality and musical talent cannot be matched by any other artist I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.