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  • Delta Goodrem is an all time great. Her songs are inspirational to all those songwriters-to-be, her songs are true to her, other people and life, missing out on Delta would be a big mistake. She’s talented, beautiful what more can I say?

    Delta Goodrem’s claim to fame was on the Australian soap Neighbours, where she starred as Nina Tucker from 2002-2003. After which just like many before her she started her pop career, but as she grew up and became more sophisticated, and went through the horrific ordeal with Hodgkin's disease, her songs got more sophisticated and her second album “Mistaken Identity” has a bit of a rock twang to it, especially “A Little Too Late.” I think Delta herself should be a bigger success than she is, because she is a singer-songwriter so more people can relate to her songs. Her first ever single “Born to try” from the album “Innocent Eyes” was a massive success as is most first songs from many singers, and was her most pop-based songs, but still with a bit of a rock twang in there. Not many people like Delta, probably think her songs are too true, but I think given the chance she can shine not just in Australia, but all over the world.