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    • Delta is ranked #62 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25".

    • Delta's latest Australian relase, "I Can't Break it to My Heart" (August '09) debuted at #13 on the Aria Charts, one place higher than previous release "You Will Only Break My Heart".

    • Delta's 2nd tour of Australia will begin in January 2009, 3 years after the first tour which was entitled "Visualise". This tour is entitled "Believe Again", named after the first track on her latest album, "Delta".

    • Delta's latest album, "Delta" made it's debut at #12 in the New Zealand charts while her latest single "You Will Only Break My Heart" entered the Australian charts at #14.

    • Delta has entered the Australian Recording Industry's (ARIA) record books after becoming the first artist to win 12 Number One Chart Awards.
      Delta won two gongs at the ceremony, adding to the 10 she already has.

    • Delta is now signed to Mercury Records/Universal in the US (March 2008) and will release her latest album 'Delta' there this year, along with 'In This Life'.

    • In February 2008, Delta was dropped from the US branch of SonyBMG. She remains with Australia SonyBMG and is looking at other US record companies.

    • Delta's 'Neighbours' character, Nina, first appeared in the opening credits in episode #4071 and last appeared in the credits in episode #4395.

    • Delta has been announced as the likely candidate to take over as the new face of L'Oreal. The role was filled by another former Neighbours star, Natalie Imbruglia up until 6 months ago.

    • Delta will be duetting with Olivia Newton-John. The two will write and record a song with Canadian producer Amy Sky in February (2008). The song will be the theme for Olivia's planned walk on the Great Wall of China in April to raise money for cancer research and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Center.

    • Delta Goodrem's star sign is, Scorpio.

    • Delta Goodrem got stage fright, as she guest starred on Australian Idol, singing her debut song, Believe Again.

    • Delta Goodrem supported the Delta Goodrem Leukemia and Lymphoma Research Trust Fund, by purchasing a pink, beaded wrist band, at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

    • Delta's first UK release, 'Born To Try' peaked at #3 in the UK charts while her 2nd UK release, 'Lost Without You' peaked at #4. Both reached #1 in Australia.

    • As well as writing 'Eyes On Me' for Celine Dion's latest album 'Taking Chances', Delta has also contributed vocally during the chorus on the track.

    • Albums & Singles List:

      01. I Don't Care (2001)

      Album Innocent Eyes:
      02. Born To Try (2002)
      03. Lost Without You (2003)
      04. Innocent Eyes (2003)
      05. Not Me, Not I (2003)
      06. Predictable (2003)
      07. Throw It Away (Digital, 2004)

      Album Mistaken Identity:
      08. Out of the Blue (2004)
      09. Mistaken Identity (2005)
      10. Almost Here (2005)
      11. A Little Too Late (2005)
      12. Be Strong (Digital, 2005)

      Commonwealth Games:
      13. Together We Are One (2006)

      Album Innocent Eyes Japanese Edition:
      14. Flawed (Digital, 2006)

      The Love Album by Westlife
      15. All Out of Love (2007)

      Album Delta:
      16. In This Life (2007)
      17. Believe Again (2007)

    • Delta and her boyfriend, ex-westlife member Brian McFadden have announced their engagement (November 2007) after reports that Delta had said no to a proposal because she wasn't sure she was ready to be a step-mom to brian's 2 children from a previous marriage.

    • Delta's trade mark is being bare footed.

    • Delta and Brian McFadden wrote the song Together We Are One for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

    • Delta's 11xPlatinum DVD Delta is the highest selling DVD ever in Australia.

    • Because of her cancer illness, Delta had to turn down her dream of playing the Australian National Anthem at Sydney Swans game.

    • Delta's first single I Don't Care didn't place any higher than #64 on the ARIA charts.

    • When Delta was twelve, one of her dreams was to sing the Australian National Anthem at an AFL game.

    • For four years Delta was the face of Nesquik.

    • Delta's brand new album, entitled 'Delta' has debuted at #1 on the Official Aria Charts (October 2007).

    • Delta's mom, Lea, has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer (October 2007). This comes 4 years after Delta herself was diagnosed with another form of cancer, Hodgkins Lymphoma at just 18 - Delta went into remission 3 years ago.

    • Delta's favorite song from her current album is 'Believe Again'. It will be the 2nd single release. The video has been filmed in Australia.

    • It is being rumored that Delta is currently in negotiations for a Neighbours return, as prt of an ever-growing list of musical talent to play at Charlie's bar. It is unknown whether the cameo appearance will see Delta playing her character Nina or appearing as herself. (October 2007)

    • Delta has written one of the tracks on Celine Dion's forthcoming album, 'Taking Chances'. Delta wrote 'Eyes on Me' with Swedish songwriter Kristian Lundin.

    • Delta was 'slimed' at the Australian Nickelodeon Choice Awards in October 2007 when presenting an award to Bindi Irwin.

    • 'In This Life' made it's debut in the Official Australian Music Charts at #1 [9/24/07].

    • CD2 of Delta's single 'In This Life' was discontinued on the day of it's release. The single came with a bonus poster and the acoustic remix of 'In This Life'.

    • Delta's third studio album will be called "Delta". Confirmed tracks include her forthcoming single, 'In this Life' along with 'Believe Again', 'Brave Face' and 'God Laughs'. It will be released in Australia on October 20th, 2007.

    • Delta has already shot the video for her the first single from her 3rd album; the song is entitled 'In this Life'.

    • Delta's 3rd album is due for release in late 2007. It has been reported that 4 songs from the album are to be released as singles.

    • Delta was an ambassador of the Research Australia's Thank You Day in 2006. In this day they celebrate the health and medical research achievements of Australia.

    • A clip of a new song, entitled Reaching Out was leaked over the internet (2007). It is thought it could be one of the songs on Delta's forthcoming album.

    • Delta and boyfriend, Brian McFadden, revealed in March 2007 that they were in the process of setting up home together in London.

    • In February 2007, Delta was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis.

    • Delta's first appearance as Nina on Neighbours was in episode #4022.

    • Delta's Neighbours character (Nina Tucker) is #39 in 'The 50 Greatest Neighbours' poll on the 'Neighbours: The Perfect Blend' Website.

    • Delta performed 'All out of Love' with Westlife live on last week's 'X Factor' Results show (November 28th, 2006) It was her first UK performance in more than 2 years.

    • There are 2 brand new tracks on Delta's first album release in Japan (a compilation of IE and MI). They're entitled: Flawed and Never Fades Away.

    • Delta has recorded a duet with Westlife, it's a cover of All Out Of Love and it's one of the tracks on their latest album, The Love Album.

    • Delta's favorite chocolate is Cadbury's 'Top Deck' and her favorite colors are pink and purple.

    • Delta is duetting with Tony Bennett on his new album of duets to celebrate his 80th birthday. The song is called Steppin' Out With My Baby.

    • Delta's been nominated for a Helpmann Award, which are the major awards for stage performances. These awards recognise excellence in musicals, plays, operas and concerts.
      Delta has been nominated for Best Performance in an Australian Contemporary Concert.

    • Delta's mom is no longer in charge of her music career because Delta has signed with the international Modest Entertainment management team.
      Delta insists she made her own decision on the new management team.
      Delta's Australian manager will be former Sony executive Jo Grogan, who has worked closely with Delta since she was given a record deal six years ago.

    • Delta will be launching her career in Japan with the release of a compilation of her first two albums, Innocent Eyes and Mistaken Identity.

    • Delta is rumoured to have signed with brian's manager, these rumours add to others stating that Lea, Delta's mom, wants Delta to dump brian because he hasn't been good for her career.

    • Delta's B-Side of her fifth single (Predictable) was a cover of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's Happy X-Mas.

    • Delta was named after Joe Cocker's song Delta Lady. She also has a nickname - Delts.

    • Delta's parents are Denis and Lea, and her younger brother is Trent.

    • Delta started playing the piano when she was 7. When she became 10 years old, she started writing and composing her own identity of music, and had a complete demo at the age of 12.

    • Delta enjoys skiing, and even gave up on a sports-skiing career when she was 12.

    • Delta has studied in the Hills Grammar college in Sydney, Australia.

    • Delta has a little female dog, called Bobbi.

    • Delta has a range of underwear and lingerie, under the name Annabella by Delta, on K-Mart.

    • Delta has suffered from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a type of cells cancer. She was treated since the announcment on July 2003, until the end of that year, when she was moved to remission.

    • Delta has founded the Delta Goodrem Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Trust Fund, a charity organization created to raise money for cancer patients.

    • Delta has won 7 ARIA Music Awards on October 21, 2003. She attended the ceremony, though being still unwell. Darren Hayes (formerly Savage Garden) performed her Lost Without You as a tribute of the evening.

    • Lea Goodrem, Delta's mother, is also her personal manager.

    • Delta is a member of the RADD (Recording Artists, Actors And Athletes Against Drink Driving), a group that raises the awareness of the danger in driving after drinking.

    • Seven of Delta's singles reach the #1 in the Australian Singles Chart: Born To Try, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, Not Me, Not I, Predictable, Out Of The Blue, Almost Here.

    • Delta's height is 1.78m (5" 10').

    • Delta raises a fish, named Goody.

    • Delta enjoys eating Chocolate a lot, especially Cadbury's.

    • Delta's latest Australian single release (Together we are One)- petitioned for by her fans, has reached #2 in the Aria charts on it's first week of release.

    • The song Delta sang at the Commonwealth Games, entitled 'Together we are One' will be released as a single in Australia on April 1st.

    • Rumour: Delta is rumoured to star in The OC in the future as a character's australian cousin or something...there are conflicting reports as to whether it's been confirmed.

    • Important Awards:

      ARIA (7 Awards).
      Video Music Award (MTV).
      ARIA No.1 Award (4).
      Arist Of The Year Award (Channel Oz).
      Most Popular New Talent (Logie).
      Highest Selling Australian Artist (World Music Award).
      ARIA No.1 Award (3).
      Video Music Award (MTV Australia).
      John Farnham Award.
      Highest Selling Australian Artist (World Music Award).
      ARIA No.1 Award (3).

    • nickelodeon kids choice awards 2005

    • Delta has just finished her 'Visualise' tour in Australia and there will be a dvd release of it in october of this year

  • Quotes

    • Delta: (on trying to crack the US market) I strongly believe I'll have a career there one day. I certainly haven't admitted defeat. I feel I haven't even started the battle. I'm completely new over there ... it doesn't matter that I've sold records anywhere else. You have to be a new artist, take the good with the bad, build strong bonds with the people you're working with.

    • Delta: I think it's important to have professional lessons or advice. Everyone is different, your voice range could be identified and then you will be able to work safely with it but don't push it!

    • Delta: (On what her secret identity would be if she were a superhero) I'd just love magic. I'd love to be able to just click and transport. I'd be like a fairy little godmother, I think, going round hearing what people wish for and seeing what I could do for them.

    • Delta: (On which celebrity she would like to switch bodies with) I'd like to maybe be Tori Amos so I could play the piano like her, that'd be great. That'd be good fun.

    • Delta: (On people mistaking her for someone else.) Actually just before I came over here somebody said to me, "Oh, I thought you were Delta Goodrem," and I said "Oh, did you?" and they said something like "Oh, but you're much prettier than her!" I just went "Thank you, thank you very much", but I didn't really know how to respond to that!

    • Delta: Well, I'm not born to win and I'm not born to lose, but I am here to give it a good shot.

    • Delta Goodrem: (on her second album, Mistaken Identity) I went on a mission to make a really positive album again. Being independent and having stability in my life made me feel I could enjoy this next chapter so much more. I feel like a completely new artist.

    • Delta Goodrem: (talking about her troubles over the past few years) I have had my space away from people to deal with my personal demons and feelings. Now I've moved on and I don't think about it. When my parents divorced, I never knew we would all end up in the places we have but I have to accept change and I'm ready to start again. This last couple of years I've grown a lot, I've travelled the world a lot on my own and I am much wiser and more capable to handle the pressures.

    • Delta Goodrem: (about the album Out of the Blue) It's a more grown up album. My music changed because my life had changed. The whole world around me had changed. My music had to reflect that.

    • James Mathison: (on Delta Goodrem at the 2003 ARIAs) She won everything in 2003 but Delta Goodrem told me a really comical story about having to wear a wig, as she was having chemotherapy at the time. Every time someone hugged Delta to congratulate her, the only thing she could think about was whether it would fall off. She couldn't stop laughing about it.

    • Delta Goodrem: (about Brian McFadden) It'll be a great moment to play that song (Almost Here) and have him walk out. It's not bad to have someone who's sold 40 million records with his last band (Westlife) to come on and sing in my show.

    • Delta Goodrem: (about her first 2005 tour) I like a challenge. I know it's a big thing to go straight into arenas, but I've been doing this for a while and I've got a good team around me. Any why not go straight to an arena? I'm sure I'll be learning every night.

    • Delta Goodrem: I want to take my music to people and tell my story, perhaps one day be singing at the Grammys and the Brits and the ARIAs. Just world domination, I'm not asking for much.