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  • Trivia

    • Demet participated in a pantomine on the season finale of Big Brother. She performed a belly dancing routine.

    • Demet is engaged, with a wedding scheduled for October 2007.

    • Demet caused shockwaves while in the Big Brother house, when she was befriended by Hayley and Andrew, and then reported back to the rest of the house on the backstabbing that had taken place. Fractions were immediately created within the house that lasted throughout the remaining season.

    • Demet often performed belly dancing routines for her fellow housemates while in the Big Brother house.

    • Demet is of Turkish heritage.

    • Demet claims to have a sixth sense.

    • Demet is a Muslim and has never drunk alcohol.

    • After spending nine days in the 'White Room', Demet entered the 2007 Big Brother house, after Housemates voted her in over fellow white room habitant, Harrison.

    • Demet describes herself as funny, caring and giving.

    • Demet is engaged and had lived with her boyfriend for four years prior to becoming a contestant on Big Brother.

    • Demet was one of the four 2007 'wild card' housemates that was isolated in a room labelled, 'The White Room'. The room was completely white, with white furniture and bedding. The only clothing they were permitted to wear were completely white. The person who stayed inside the White Room for the longest period would become a housemate and enter the house. When a person could not stand to be in the room any longer, they could press a button in the middle of the room and they would rejoin the general population. The button was red, providing the only colour in the room. The people in the White Room were unaware that they were being watched on a big screen by the real housemates albeit with no audio.

    • On the first episode of Big Brother, Demet claimed to have a sixth sense.

    • Demet's occupation at the time of commencement of the 2007 Australian Big Brother season was as a belly dancer.

    • As at April 2007, Demet resides in Victoria, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Demet: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemates, Hayley and Andrew) I can't stand them. It was not just the fact they could protect each other from nominations but also how they would eavesdrop in everybody's conversation, and take a little bit here and there and change it around and make other people look sad and stupid. The house couldn't understand why I gave Andrew the baking chores rather than janitor or dishwasher. They were all asking me why I did that, and I just thought, 'Why fall down to his level?' I wasn't going to lower myself like him.

    • Demet: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemates, Emma and Aleisha) I would definitely hang out with them on the outside world. Anyone could hang out with Aleisha and even though Emma was seen as a devil I found her so easy going. I know people outside the house couldn't stand her but I suppose you really have to live with a person to know.

    • Demet: (asked if she had a secret code to show her fiance she was thinking of him) No I didn't think of one, but even if I did it wouldn't have been aired. I kissed his photo and said hi every morning but he never saw it. They just want to show the drama.

    • Demet: (asked if she abstains from alcohol due to her Muslim upbringing) That's got nothing to do with it at all. It's just that I don't like taking substances in my body. I'm very conscious of this. Even if I have a massive headache it takes a lot for me to take that one Panadol. So drinking is just not something I take part in. I'm already out of my shell so I don't need some alcohol to bring me out.

    • Demet: (on "Big Brother" himself in 2007) I think Big Brother is really, really angry this time around. I wanted to know what we had done wrong to have been put in the White Room. I was always assuming it was this or that I'd done wrong. I knew he had something up his sleeves this year.

    • Demet: (asked who she was wanting to see the most after leaving "Big Brother") My eyes were everywhere looking for my fiancé but he wasn't there because I'd actually put him as the last person on my list of contacts. He doesn't like the whole attention and cameras thing and I didn't want to put that pressure on him. But he loves that I went on Big Brother, he pushed me into it. We watch it together but being interviewed live would've freaked him out a little bit.

    • Demet: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemates, Hayley and Andrew) I don't think they're like that on the outside. I think they're just very clever and in there to do their thing. This has happened and you guys saw it. I loved it when they showed footage of that during my eviction because you can see I wasn't lying! He will see it, don't you worry!

    • Demet: (asked to sum up her "Big Brother" experience) I'm so glad I did it. I don't regret anything. I'm actually glad I did this year of Big Brother but I wish the people had been more open and truthful. I loved the actual house, there was such a harmony and earthy feeling about it and that's what I'm about so I felt really at home.

    • Demet: (on her sixth sense) It really does exist with me. Its not that I can predict things but rather I see them happening. I pretty much sit back and I have a vision. It's happened with family issues and I've seen things happen to friends that I've warned them to be aware of and they've come true. So obviously I think my sixth sense is there but I just have to look deep within to actually work with it. I used that in the house a few times and it worked! I knew I was leaving Friday, I mean I had packed my bags that morning! I picked all the people who would be annoying and fake and they just came out of the woodworks.

    • Demet: (on the audience following her eviction from "Big Brother") I couldn't believe it. You actually don't think people are watching. You just think there's so much bullshit going on in the house so who would be watching? We must've looked like a pack of 16-year-olds whinging. When I heard my name being chanted I was like, 'You're kidding me, no way is this for me'. Gretel is really nice; she's so soothing so she made me feel comfortable. Just seeing her I knew I was okay!

    • Demet: (on being confined to the White Room for nine days) It was white and boring. I really can't put it into words. You'd have to experience it to be able to understand what it's like. All I have to say is that you have to be very, very strong-minded to be in there. If we weren't strong that red buzzer would've been pressed the second someone said 'I can't do this'. But they put very strong people in the house. Lucky I entertained, lucky I got up and did a bit of a shimmy!

    • Demet: (on the timing of her wedding) Well we got engaged last May and I was thinking of an October wedding but now this (Big Brother) has happened I don't know. I'm glad I have time to focus on that now.

    • Demet: (asked if she was concerned what the public thought of her on "Big Brother") No. I don't give a sh*t because seriously at the end of the day it's TV, you know. I mean, do you believe everything you read in the newspapers? No. Magazines? No.

    • Demet: (after leaving the "Big Brother" house) I'm great, the happiest I've ever been. I am the happiest housemate to leave! I think a lot of people wanted me out of there.

    • Demet: (on having the power of the twist even though she was evicted from "Big Brother") It's awesome. Bring it on! I'm so glad that I've still got that power in my hands and we'll see what happens. It's exciting!

    • Demet: (on the high point of her "Big Brother" experience) Winning the Friday Games last week! My fiancé said, "Please just win one game". And I told him I was going to do it for him. He could probably read my lips as I was saying, 'This is for you'. I've left at a great time.

    • Demet: (on belly dancing) In the Ottoman days, it was a sexual thing for entertainment and to seduce . . . Now, when you look at belly dancing, you don't get turned on by it, you ask, 'How does her body move like that?'

    • Demet: (on Jamie MacDonald questioning her Muslim faith) I know Jamie spoke to Nick about it in the spa and had I known (in the house), there would have been fireworks. He obviously doesn't know anything about the Muslim culture because all the belly dancers in Turkey are Muslim. It's not looked down upon - it's an art. Obviously, he's so old-fashioned - I was so shocked. I will catch up with him to give him a piece of my mind.

    • Demet: (asked what the stupidest thing she'd ever done) Climbing halfway up the Harbour Bridge - I got too scared and went back.