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  • Demetri Martin is an incredibly talented comedian.

    Demetri is one of those comics that never gets old for me! I can listen to his jokes over and over and never get bored. The way he delivers them is priceless, whether he's singing them or drawing them, it's always a good time. I'm friends with him on myspace and the blogs he posts rock my world! It's so creative and it just boggles my mind how he comes up with some of his stuff. I always get excited which I catch his bits on Comedy Central or the Daily Show. I can't help but have a huge smile on my face and be laughing like and idiot!
  • Human

    Demetri is one of the most original and funniest stand-up comedians on stage today... and every time him or John Hodgman are on the Daily Show it becomes an instant classic... I loved his "expose" on MySpace... as well as his consumer report on Xbox 360s

    If you've never seen him outside of his appearances on the Daily Show, get a copy of either of his two specials HOWEVER YOU CAN...

    also for more of his low-key, subdued comedy stylings, check out its a site he designed with Microsoft for the big Vista launch last year.

    His stage presence reminds me of Andy Kauffman playing Mitch Hedburg in a film directed by Wes Anderson... only better
  • I feel Demetri Martin could be the "King of One-Liners" of his generation. If he feels like it.

    Demetri Martin's impulsive personality shines through in his comedy routine. His attention dephosate disorderly conduct makes one liners perfect for him. He uses a lot of original devices to seperate his act from all others, such as a guitar, a marker and paper, and a transparency projector, just to name a few. I've never seen the same act twice, something that is very important for a comedian to practice. Obviously, I've seen the same joke twice, but they are varied. Sometimes they are drawn, sometimes they are acted out, and sometimes just vocalized. Overall, you could never see a Demetri Martin show and wonder what makes him different from the other comedians.
  • Stop making The Daily Show lag on...

    I personally love the Daily Show, and think it outrates Colbert in every aspect. That was until they let this guy have a segment. He doesn't seem to fit anything with the show. He looks like he is 12, and his comedy's smarts just about fits that age range.

    I would love to see great return once again to The Daily Show. I love all other parts, but this guy puts a horrible taste in my mouth. The other newer guys are actually quite entertaining.

    Don't expect much out of Mr. Martin if you happen to catch him on the show.