Demetrius Grosse





2/26/1981 , Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Birth Name

Demetrius Antoine Gross




Demetrius Grosse was a born performer and began to hone his talent from the age of 10. He had training in performance, acting, singing, and dance at the Summer Musical Theater Workshop. By 17 Demetrius pursued his dreams of acting. He achieved an award for the Andrew Carnegie Undergraduate Grant for artistic merit. By 2002 Demetrius completed two semesters at the Howard University College of Fine Arts in Washington D.C.

Demetrious is an all rounder as he expands his talents into music and as a writer. He has written screenplays as well as poems and artworks that he wishes to soon publish in an anthology.

Demetrius was a 2005 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's drama program.

In 2007 Demetrius enrolled at Shakespeare Santa Monica. He had performed in England with the BADA group, in Washington DC and several other locations. He dedicated his performance in the An Alum of Howard and Carnegie Mellon Universities to Christopher Wallace and Tupac Amaru Shakur. The movie was bought by US and Canadian distribution through Warner Brothers Home Video after doing well at film festivals.