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  • Too overated

    Too overated
  • Demi Lovato Greek Theater Concert

    What a awesome concert it is ...... Demi rocks and people shocks :-p

    The black fringe outwear that she in that concert really amazing and stylish I bought this outfit for my girl friend from Slimfit Jackets ..... Demi and her outfits simply outstanding ... !!

  • additions

    i dont think im a good singer but demi is my idel so if she can do it then i can do it

    i have never watched xfactor until demi came on :) shes an amazing actress and i cant even describe how amazing she is at singing. i lovvee her and her beautiful face!! stay strong <3
  • She got through it!

    Demi might not be a good actress, undoubtedly, she is a good singer, at least i think.

    The song "Together"(ft. Jason Derulo) is awesome!

  • Demi Lovato

    I love her so much! I love her and Selena's best friendship, they'd made the perfect choice to be best friends, and she has the most amazing voice and is drop-dead gorgeous. My favorite song by her has to be "Give Your Heart A Break" Wow, she was so awesome in that! I never really watched "Sonny With A Chance" because I just started watching Disney this year and it was already off before I got a chance, but I bet she's an amazing actress and I hope she comes back again in another TV show!

    Love you Demi, and you're name it's great. (:
  • Amazing.

    She's awesome. Ever since I've heard her sing on 'As the Bell Rings' I knew she was going to be big. She has an amazing voice and her songs are deep and powerful. I can't wait to see her in Camp Rock! I know she'll do wonderful! I love her name, its so unique! She really needs to get her own show. She's an amazing actress and is so talented. She can sing beautifully live, which is starting to be quite rare these days. I know we can expect great things from Demi. I really can't wait for her album to come out; I'm so getting it. Keep up the wonderful work Demi!
  • Mega Talented!

    Oh emm gee.. Demi is soo amazing, I luv her so much! This girl is insanely talented! Her vocal range is jut incredible!
    She has been in projects such as Barney, As The Bell Rings, Camp Rock and to come Princess Protection Program with BFF Selena Gomez, her own show Welcome to Mollywood and her Debut Album. 2008/2009 is gonna be HUGE for this girl. And she really deserves everything she gets! Demi is so talented and the future holds great things for her!! :)
    I can't wait to sit back and see her rise and rise! Many people luv her now but just wait, she's going for world Domination!! I can't wait! Good Luck Demi! :)
  • How on earth is Selena Gomez more famous than her?

    Demi Lovato is an AMAZING SINGER, yet Selena Gomez is more loved. Why? Because Selena can act and Demi isn't as good. I don't get it. Lots of people can act, singing takes a lot more work! And how could people say Selena has a nice voice when she can't sing at all...? I want to say everyone has their own opinion, but I DO NOT GET THIS. You people need to see an ear doctor.
  • Demi Lovato is very pretty BUT she doesn't really impress me with her acting

    I think that she is an okay actress... I mean... she isn't the worst actress I've ever seen. She is best friends with Selena Gomez BUT I love Selena Gomez way better than Demi and I think that Selena is better friend than Demi is a better friend to Selena. I have to admit that she is a very pretty actress especially with her black hair. I think that her show "Sonny With A Chance" is great but I don't think her acting is that impressive in that show and she isn't even funny... all I am saying is that she isn't meant to be a comedian. I do think that her singing is very good though... that's probably the most impressive from her in my opinion. Even though she is very pretty, I think that she is an okay actress because she just seems to be one of those stuck-up and snobby Disney actresses. I also look at her pictures and she looks like that she has alot of relationship problems and gets drunk too. Some of her pictures are just meh because she doesn't know how to smile in some of the photos. I don't know how she enjoys acting as Sonny Monroe in "Sonny With A Chance" if she doesn't even know how to smile in her pictures. That's another thing, her smile is like way too big for me. Overall, an okay actress but I think that her best friend Selena Gomez is way better. 6.5/10
  • Demi is a great singer.

    I think Demi Lovato is talented. She is a pretty good singer. I love the song "This Is Me." Demi is pretty too, but sometimes she overdoes the make-up and its not that attractive. She is a good actress but not great or anything. Sometimes her acting does not look and sound real. Demi does seem like a nice and cool person. I would not be too surprised if Demi Lovato grew up to be a big time actress. As long as she does not ruin her career young like some actresses, (and I do not think she will) I think she will become ver successful.
  • A good actress and a great singer

    Demi stars in the Disney Channel series Sonny With A Chance, while the show may not be the best, Demi makes the show good. She is such a talented actress, but her singing is so much better. All her old songs are simply amazing. Her new songs are mostly Disney-ish. She also was in the Disney Channel movie Princess Protection Progam. The movie was great, but Demi was kinda annoying in it. Her CD 'her we go again' is really good. I bought it as soon as it came out. Her music videos are really good too. She is best friends with Selena Gomez.
  • I Love Demi!

    When I first saw her in Camp Rock last year I tbought she was riding on the Jonas Brothers fame. Then last September when her CD came out I bought it on the first day and fell in love with her. I knew the lyrics to her songs after having the CD for about a week. Then I satrted to watch her show when it permiered. Then when her next CD was released this July I fell in love with her all over agin. She is this generation's Christina Aguilera and I think some people can guees who this generation Britney Spears is.
  • ........She's not that great in my opinion.

    Demi is a Disney actress from Camp Rock (one of my fave movies) and As The Bell Rings. She's a singer... and I know TONS of people who are like, "DEMI IS SO AMAZINGG!!!! ZOMG!!!" But I just don't agree with them. I heard her new song "Get Back" and its like Disney is holding her back or something. Her demo songs, Open, Trash, Stronger, and Shadow, were different. They could barely be classified as pop, and they didn't have the weird...uhh whatever they did to Demi's voice in Get Back. Like a lot of other people, I think Demi wears just a TAD (okay, tad is an understatement..) too much makeup. She mostly wears it for concerts, which is probably just for that... Well, I think she could do better if it wasn't for Disney. I want DEMI, not DISNEY DEMI. :( (..Did this review even make sense??)
  • Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato is a Disney actress, who starred in As the Bell Rings & Camp Rock. Demi also sings. I personally think this chick can't sing at all but that's just me. I also personally think she wears way to much makeup. She's okay as an actress though. I will admit that it was totally sweet that she stood up for Miley during all the photo controversy. It shows that both girls obviously have alot of respect for eachother. :)But I still don't like Demi. Haha, I guess all in all should would get hmmm a C- in my book. Hahahahaha
  • okay I don't like demi and most people say us haters have no reasons. Well here they are: [dont say anything mean this is merely how I think of her]

    I HATE demi lovato because:
    -I think she seems very stuck up and full of herself. Yes I am all for self-confidence but hers is thinking she is better than everyone else which is something I hate in a person.
    -I don't like her voice. I think there are much more talented singers out there that no one knows about. I think she has a disgusting voice.
    -She didn't write the songs on her album. Well she co-wrote them because her stuff was too dark. okay creepy, sorry. -I think she isn't the really the person we see her as. If her songs are dark but she is always happy and bubbly. Well the two don't match up. So which one is really her, no one knows. -I don't think she is a good actress.
    -I think she has taken some bad pictures. There are pictures of her on a bed with some guy and no one says anything about them. But when Miley does its know by everyone and she is looked down upon. Especially a picture i saw of her and Selena in bathing suits and its considered cute?!?! Wow what a double standard.

    Here are my reasons and I put I think because they are my thoughts.
  • Fresh brand new starting out Disney-tailored singing actress... again

    Okay, I haven't seen "Camp Rock," and I missed the first episode of her series, but I've seen her picture all over Disney Channel as the next big actress. Okay, she's a great singer, she's cute and she's pretty, but her face is so tight that when she grins or makes any faces, she looks psychotic. I'm thinking, yikes! Plus, she's got a TV series which occurs behind the scenes of a teen sketch show which is going to put her into awkwardly embarrassing situations. Okay... Demi, you could not have held out for better than that? I agree she could be a big star, but she sure seems to be starting out the hard way.
  • :P xx

    Demi is one of my fave actress / singers!!! i love her songs, 'here we go again' 'get back' and 'la la land'! i also LOVE her show 'Sonny With A Chance'! 'Camp Rock' is a good film but not as good as Sonny. i cant wait to watch 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam'. She is a really good singer! and i really enjoy her music!! Ellie Dee xx

    (Nick ♥ Cassie) (Edward ♥ Bella) (Jess ♥ Rory) (Luke ♥ Lorelai) (Stefan ♥ Elena) (Patch ♥ Nora) (Ethan ♥ Lena) (Stark ♥ Zoey) (Mason ♥ George) (Chad ♥ Sonny) (Robbert ♥ Emily) (Angel ♥ Buffy) (Booth ♥ Temperance) (Cole ♥ Phoebe)
  • Singing? Yay...ish! Acting? Boo!

    I honestly do not understand the hype of this girl. I don't see her as anything "special" per say. She is another typical Disney child who will hate the Disney image and will try to distance herself from it.Now personally the whole "Disney" image is kind of a stereotype I realize, but they all fall into it. She is an actress/singer... sort of. She cannot act. Sorry, but she sucks at it. I watched Camp Rock, Sonny with a Chance, and the Princess Protection Program. Boring and cheesie. Piece of advice? Stick to singing.
    She should focus more on her singing rather than her acting, which is what she is doing now. Personally, she isn't my type of artist, but for other people she rocks! I don't think she has a bad voice, it's just not what I would listen to. Overall, I think she is good for now, but I don't see anything that keeps her in the spotlight when she is older. The nicey thing has to die if she wants to stay. She needs a little more edge or she will slowly fade away...
  • Absolutely positively 100% one of my most favorite people.

    I love Demi Lovato. She is beautiful, she is very talented and she seems like a very nice girl. I love Demi Lovato. Another thing is she is best friends with Selena Gomez, whom I also "love". Sometimes she's has a look that I don't really like, like her hairstyle or her make-up or what she's wearing, but otherwise, she always looks great. Her acting is good but her singing is like a zillion times better! And her choice of music is a fine choice. I feel like that she's going to be a DC star that even those teens who despise Disney Channel would like, mostly because of her music. And I see possibley many Grammy awards in her future.
  • Love your show and so funny. You make me laugh all day. You and Chad is the greatest acting skills. You make a cute couple with chad

    love your character very much, one of the episode you should kiss him. I love the way he held your hand. That is so touching. I hoping to write a script of you and Chad. I will send it to Chad. You love him at that moment. I know you wanted to kiss him so it will be in the script. To let you know first. This would fun scene for me to watch and the other people to as well. Fake date is very interesting but not real. So, It will be real this time. I have secret writer of your new script.
    Don't you worry things be okay.
  • I LOVE DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Demi great actress but a better singer she is one ofmy favorite people ever.(me and herare actually friends)She is funny polite appropriate for all ages and awesome. She is beautiful and talented, like, tottally. I wish I could be like her it is so awesome how she cares about all of her fans and is very forgiving like really. I got her new record. I went to her concert at the ohio state fair it was awesome and Jordan Pruitt was good too. But Back to Demi. She is always making people happy and fixing things that she might have done wrong Demi is sweet. she treats people with respect . I think Demi s better lve then she is on a record or TV.....
  • Demi Lovato was born in Dallas, TX. She has starred in Camp Rock, As the Bell Rings, and Barney. Now she's starring in Sonny With a chance.

    Demi is a great actress and a dynomite singer! However what I don't get is shouldn't her look match the style of her personality? I mean she has this girly, bubbly pop-star personality, but her music style is upbeat hard-edged, somewhat gloomy rock and roll. Those two styles don't mix! In my opinon I think her music style would be better suited as the pop, with some edge and a hint of soft country. That's just my opinon. While reading other people's reviews I a couple of things they wrote that I agree one of the things being that she does wear a little too much makeup. Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural look not to create a new face. And besides she is too young to be that much makeup. She is a great actress, however on Sonny with a Chance there are times where her character Sonny had this stereotypical "white girl" personality and I know it isn't her fault but even though it's just acting I feel that actresses should be allowed to show their personality a little bit. Overall Demi is a incredible person and a great role model. As a request to Demi, please learn from Miley's and Vanessa Hudgens' mistakes. Don't take trashy or nude photos or anything you might regret in the future. The last thing your younger fans need to see again is another sweet-faced, young, down-to-earth, innocent Disney Channel star trying to be like Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears or even Jamie Lynn Spears
  • One of my favorite singers and she is talented!!!

    Demi lovato is one of my favorite singers ever!! She first started on the show as the bell rings but no one really regonized her but then she got the role in the movie camp rock and she got regonized for her great voice and then after that she got her own show which is one of my favorite shows Sonny with a chance.She is also great friends with my favorite band the jonas brothers.And i also love her music i always listen to it and i think she is a really talented actress and singer. She is just plain awesome!!
  • Beautiful girl and good singer.

    Demi Lovato is probably my favorite out of all the Disney Channel stars. I like how her music has more of a rock n' roll flair (I typically can't stand pop.) and that she can perform in concert just as well as she can in a recording studio. I'm not really sure how I feel about her acting. I'd have to see more of it before I develop a strong opinion about it. Her new show, "Sonny with a Chance" is not as funny as I would like, but it is only showing improvement. It gets better each episode and I hope it continues to do so.

    I am a little worried that she will make some big mistakes in her future, as that seems to be the case with a lot of young stars these days. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that she turns out pretty well, though. I wish her the best of luck with her career.
  • Demi RULES!!!

    Demi Lovato is amazing. I have seen Camp Rock at least 30 times (literally). Demi has a great voice and has an ear for music. I bought her CD as soon as it came out. I have memorized every song by heart. Demi lovato may be starting outt on Disney, but I am confident that she will make it to the big screen. While so many people are focusing on Miley Cyrus, Demi's talent is getting swept under the rug. People should forget about Miley and start focusing on Demi. Demi Lovato is definately a talented, amazing, wonderful, outgoing, girl.
  • I love her voce she's amazing: check out my web show at

    Really good, she us gorgeous adn has a great talent. I love Demi I really want to meet her in person :]. Haha! We'll I don't really know what to say i'm just writing random stuff becasue it says it has to be atleast 100 words which is kinda wierd on my part :p blahhhhh! haha, welll yeahhh you better watch my web show it's really funny and random but me and my friends need some ideas for it so email me at yepp :]. haha. I'M SO BORED! only 10 more words hahaha 4 3 2 1 0!
  • the most stunning girl i've ever seen!!!

    this girl is seriously beautiful!!!!! its insane!!! she has a unique look and shes original!! i think she's gonna be huge in the entertainment industry!! i wish the best luck!! she reminds me of anne hathaway. a lot of people say that selena gomez is prettier but i personally think that demi has a more unique look to her. demi reminds me of something you'd see in the 50's, while selena has more of the contemporary looks. dont get me wrong selena is beautiful i just think that demi is prettier. anyway this girl is going to go very far.
  • Great Rolemodel!

    Demi Lovato is incredibly amazing!!!
    She is pretty, funny and really sweet
    Her acting skills are kind of good
    but her singing skills are amazing!
    she plays the piano and the guitar and performs well in front of crowds plus she is a really good songwriter.
    Shes most known for playing Mitchie Torres on Camp Rock.
    Prior to that she played Charlotte on As the Bell Rings
    and even before that she was on Barney in fellow star Selena Gomez (her bff)
    She cares about her fans and is likable to all ages
    She stands apart from the rest of the disney cast for having a rock edge and her singing abilities.
    Overall Demi is incredible :)
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