Demore Barnes

Demore Barnes


2/26/1976, Toronto, Canada

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Born on February 26th and raised in Toronto, Canada where he got his first taste of acting in a play while attending Sir Oliver Mowat High School. Barnes received his break on a Canadian comedy called "Street Cents". Following a string of shows in Canada, Barnes received his…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Demore's favorite episode on The Unit is Five Brothers, which is the last episode in which he appears.

    • Moving to the States in 2003 was a very big decision for Demore as he is very close to his family and friends.

    • When Demore arrived in Los Angeles in January 2003 he hadn't any working papers and had to wait for the right project and the right role to resolve his situation.

    • Demore applied to Ryerson University's theatre program, but once he received a role on the show Street Cents he gave up on his academic aspirations.

    • Demore first professional audition was for a role in Squawk Box, a sketch comedy show on YTV. He was eighteen years old at the time. Demore received the role and appeared in the show for one season, which was all the show lasted.

    • Demore won the BFV and Black Film Award for best performance in a dramatic series for his portrayal of Benjamin Hardaway in The Associates.

    • While searching for work in the States, Demore studied under famed acting coach Larry Moss. Though there's always a one year waiting list to join Larry Moss's class, Demore, who had no idea how extraordinarily difficult it was to be accepted into his a class was lucky enough to be able join his class after one phone call.

    • In his spare time, Demore volunteers with Wing Haven, a refuge for battered women and children.

    • Demore was nominated for two Gemini Awards (the Canadian Emmy) for appearances on Canadian television.

    • Apparently, when Demore Barnes finished auditioning for David Mamet for a role in the Unit, David Mamet said to him "what you just did there is what they call demanding the part. You just demanded that part". In response Demore said "Well, I do want the part, David". And he receive the role of Hector 'Hammerhead' Williams.

  • Quotes

    • Demore: (on moving to the States for better acting opportunities) It was hard getting started because I was greatly established in Canada and that was a little bit of a shock and coming here and everyone's like, 'Who's Demore?'. And they're like, 'No, well, we're not sure because we have our choices, blah, blah, blah, but we'll see about that.' I think some of those people now know who I am.

    • Demore: (on his career when finishing work on The Unit) I've run a good distance in television and I'm certainly going to be looking to parlay and springboard from The Unit to the big screen. I hope I have a career that is raw, and impacting and all-encompassing in the many areas and facets of the industry. I want to do it all, I want to be one of the forces to be reckoned with, one of these days.

    • Demore: (on his most memorable moment from filming The Unit) The first thing that comes to mind is actually a memory from last season. It's memorable, but it's not necessarily pleasant. It was at the beginning of last season and I was filming an action scene with Max Martini and Dennis Haysbert. There was a lot of gunfire and Dennis and I had retreated to an arched doorway and he was probably about six feet behind me, two or three feet higher than myself. We were firing away and I actually found myself blacking out and I didn't know what was going on. I realized that a shell casing had ricocheted off of the arched doorway from Dennis's gun and hit me in the back of the head. It sent me reeling back into Dennis, I was just in the scene and in the moment of trying to retreat from the gunfire. Needless to say I was fine and it ended up not being a big deal. I got patched up and actually had to do two more takes of the same thing.

    • Demore: (on training for his role in The Unit) It's more a matter of maintenance because the show is so rigorous and intense that I think we often find ourselves trying to stay healthy and injury free. The military training that we received is actually by way of Eric Haney who is one of the founding members of Delta Force. The extent of our training was, and continues to be, trying to ensure we come off as authentic as possible by way of our strategy and our perspective as a team and how we approach situations and just holding certain weapons. That's fantastic and really fun, we all love working with Eric.

    • Demore: (message to fan saddened by the death of his character, Hector, in The Unit) I'd say to those who are very torn and saddened by the loss of Hector, and I guess in some ways the loss of Demore, or my portrayal of Hector, to not worry. Keep your ear to the ground, because I'm just getting started.

    • Demore: (on his last day on the set of The Unit) The last day was, it was surreal. It was the kind of thing that didn't seem real, I think for the entire day. I don't think it felt real to anyone. A couple of people in the cast and crew expressed that throughout the day. It's the sort of thing that ever could seem real, because it's not normal. It's kind of one of the more abnormal or unusual aspects of what we do.

    • Demore: (on his favorite episode of The Unit) Yeah, I think my favorite episode was probably my last episode. It was a wonderful experience to engage and explore in the payoff of the relationships that have been built thus far and the characters that have been built thus far. Obviously, we as actors knew that something very significant and extreme was coming to a head. It was great to have that last episode with all of the boys, just in the dire circumstances that we all found ourselves in Lebanon. It was very touching. It was very poetic, very honoring and respectful of the reality of war, and those who have lost loved ones in war.

    • Demore: (on his first reaction when he found out his character was being killed on The Unit) My first response was one of confusion. I think that's understandable since I don't think any of us saw it coming.

  • Emotionally spectacular. 5 make a Unit 3 dont quite cut it.

    This week's episode of the Unit the guys get put into a POW camp drill which goes to far. This is yet another excellent episode following up last weeks equally intense show. Demore Barnes was incredible showing an extremly emotional performance, yet being able to flip instintanuously and make you laugh. I think the writers are writing Keenan Williams perfectly, and Demore is the Breath of fresh air in a fun, strong and different character.

    Hopefully the writers are smart and continue to make this character a big part of the script. The 5 of them together is much better than just the 3. Otherwise why call it the Unit?moreless
  • Strength and Emotional Layers, versus Hollywood Status.

    It's a shame to only look at the top billing stars of a show, and determine they're best of show just for that reason. Though Dennis Haysbert and Scott Foley are strong in this series, they become even stronger as a group when Keenan (Demore Barnes), comes on screen.

    A character who is first seen in episode 1, on way to his Jump target to join Jonas,(Haysbert) and he is found peacefully seen sleeping in his chair. He is woken, and from that moment I believe the character is born.

    Led by an intense calmness and strength, Keenan(Barnes) will prevail.